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Dunk master kokata but in dunk master

2022-07-02 16:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Why didn't the character Takashi ODA in slam dunk master win the audience's favorSo the main problem of ODA is that his strength is too weak. The height of 1.85 meters can't be said to be sho
Why didn't the character Takashi ODA in slam dunk master win the audience's favor
So the main problem of ODA is that his strength is too weak. The height of 1.85 meters can't be said to be short, but playing center in the world of slam dunk master is not enough. ODA doesn't bounce too much. It's not a shame to say that he is an enhanced version of kakuda emperorDoes anyone know the recommended lineup of dunk master hand tour kokuda Wu
I, the old driver of kakuda Wu, can tell you about the lineup of kakuda emperor. The first one is kokuda, a god plus Sakuragi. A God's displaceDunk master kokata  but in dunk masterment skills plus kokuda's single demolition skills are very fierce. The second is kakuda, Mu Mu and Mitsui, who score sharp weapons and make the opposite side suspicious of lifeThe character prototype of the comic dunk master
Many people think that the model of Cherry Blossom path is Rodman, except that his hard work on the court has nothing in common with that red hair. How to say it? Look at the data: 1. The cartoon was created in 90-96. In the slam dunk master's prequel "like red", cherry blossom path is red hair, and Rodman's red hair was after he joined the bull in 96What are the team members' information of slam dunk master
Introduction: Sakuragi flower path is a character in animation slam dunk master, slam dunk master and slam dunk masterAmong the slam dunk masters, why can kakuda Wu, who is only 180 cm tall, serve as the center
And as long as there is the appearance record of jiaotian emperor in Xiangbei's game, Xiangbei has never lost. This is kakuda the great emperor, who is widely sung in the world of SD fans. Then, why can kakuda Wu serve as a center with a height of 180 cm? The first reason is kakuda's physiqueDoes kakuda Wu in slam dunk master have a chance to become the main player of Xiangbei team_ Baidu
However, it's no wonder that kokuda is only 180 cm tall. It's too difficult to get an easy shot, and his physical quality is not as amazing as that of Nobunaga kiyoda. Considering that even Sendao, who plays point guard, is 190 cm tall, it is really too difficult for him to play inside in "slam dunk master". SecondlyIn slam dunk master, what is the stem of "kakuda emperor"
Kakuda Dadi originated from kakuda Wu in "slam dunk master". If kakuda Wu participated in the game, Xiangbei team ended up winningDunk master kokata  but in dunk master, and the winning rate can be described as 100%! It should be understood that in the past, only 10% of Shenjin, the captain of Yama Wang, guaranteed this level, but after the battle in Northern HunanAmong the slam dunks, what happened at the end of the game between Xiangbei and jiaotian high school
Strictly speaking, "ten days later" can't be regarded as the final outcome of "slam dunk master", it can only be said to be the continuation of the ending supplement, and the last sentence of "slam dunk master" is actually the ending. The story of Xiangbei, the protagonist of the team, is filled with this sentence. The whole story of the last sentence is narrated in a letter written by Akiko Akagi to Sakuragi hanadoSlam dunk master hand tour Li jiaotian + Yuzhu + how to break a God
The inside line is Akagi, the outside line is a mu, and then any two combinations on the monkey Hasegawa pool can be used. When defending, the inside line follows the fish, and the outside line is stepped on both sides of kokata. No matter where a Shen goes, he is not afraid. Remember that there must be people on both sides of kokata, and never just on one side"Slam dunk master" what is the reason why everyone calls kakuda Wu kakuda the great emperDunk master kokata  but in dunk masteror
I think kokuda Wu is an inside substitute in Northern Hunan in the middle of the year. Height 180 cm, weight unknown. In the Xiangbei formation, any game in which kokuda has played will win. The point is that kokuda nDunk master kokata  but in dunk masterever opened his eyes when playing basketball in the animation of slam dunk master. This makes SD fans have a lot of associations with diagonal fields
Dunk master kokata but in dunk master

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