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Dunk master message see this message

2022-07-02 07:50Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: "Slam dunk master" will be released as a movie. Is it animated or liveThe author of "slam dunk master" revealed on social media that "slam dunk master" will launch a film. Seeing thi
"Slam dunk master" will be released as a movie. Is it animated or live
The author of "slam dunk master" revealed on social media that "slam dunk master" will launch a film. Seeing this news, many netizens call ye Qinghui directly, but this also brings a question: is the new movie "slam dunk master" an animation or a live action version? If it's animationWhen is the slam dunk movie released
However, it is certain that the animation of slam dunk master is already in production. It is said that the initial animation has been completed... Although I don't know the specific content of the movie version, anyway, after 2Dunk master message  see this message6 years, "slam dunk master" may usher in its real finale. Before the end of the animated seriesHow to comment on the evening of October 25, nobuhiko Inoue ins announced the theme of the slam dunk master film: Northern Hunan vs Mountain King
Unfortunately, this account is not the official authentication account of nobuhiko Inoue, which is interesting. Is this news true? I think that there is no airtight wall in the world, and this is a "Uncle party". Insiders first let the news out to see how everyone reactedThe movie of slam dunk master is confirmed! Which stars are likely to be invited
Perhaps you have heard such a sentence, and you can immediately understand the weight of this work, which enlightens the post-80s and 90s basketball and youth. And the failure to see its best ending has also become a permanent regret in the hearts of countless fans. Surprisingly, after 31 years, "slam dunk master" once again released a heavy bomb. 《。
Slam dunk masters are about to be animated into movies. Are you looking forward to it
When this news was released, Dunk master message  see this messagemany viewers were shocked. You can also see that the animation of dunk master has a high popularity and popularity at any time, and its influence is also very strong. This is also a perfect expectation for many fansThe theatrical version of the film slam dunk master was officially put on file. How did the outside world respond to this film_ Baidu
Everyone's characterization is very good. The popularity of characters such as Liuchuan maple, Sakuragi flower path and Mitsui Shou is very high, and boys Dunk master message  see this messagegenerally like basketball, which is irresistible to this part of the works. Now, the slam dunk movie is officially scheduled. I was very excited when I heard the newsIs slam dunk coming back
Yes, from November 3, 2013, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the animation "slam dunk master", the remake HD version of "slam dunk master" began to broadcast. "Slam dunk master" is adapted from the comic work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue and produced by Toyo animationIt is said that the big movie "slam dunk master" is scheduled to be released on August 10. Is this news true
As a cartoon that accompanies many people through their youth, the passionate slam dunk master holds a high weight in the hearts of fans. Since the official announcement that a movie version of the ending will be made for the cartoon, fans can't wait to see it releDunk master message  see this messageased as soon as possible. Although the news of the fixed file is falseYe Qinghui! Takehiko Inoue announced that "slam dunk master" will be made into a movie version. Are you looking forward to it
It is understood that a person familiar with the matter broke the news that "slam dunk master" will be made into a movie version! Many series have experienced this experience. A few years ago, "love apartment", which was popular nationwide, was made into a film, and the online review was not good. Last year, "flying little policewoman" also revealed similar news, followed by "the legend of the seven heroes of the rainbow cat and the blue rabbit"When will the long-awaited slam dunk movie be released
In July 2021, the original of this cartoon, nobuhiko Inoue, revealed on a social platform that he would shoot this cartoon into a movie. Everyone was excited to see this news. Because we have not had this kind of youth memory for a long time, and we all look forward to the past 20 years
Dunk master message see this message

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