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Genius dunk private genius

2022-07-01 20:01Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: I am a genius (dunk master version)Private genius. Private genius. A servant is a genius. A servant is a geniusWho is the real genius in slam dunk masterI feel that the real genius masters of slam dun
I am a genius (dunk master version)
Private genius. Private genius. A servant is a genius. A servant is a geniusWho is the real genius in slam dunk master
I feel that the real genius masters of slam dunk are the following three. First: Cherry Blossom path. The first place undoubtedly belongs to cherry blossom path, because he calls himself a genius no matter what occasion or place he is. He should emphasize that he is a genius when learning anything, and emphasize everything again, which makes himWhich moment is the most classic for genius Sakura path dunk
I think it's these scenes that force Akagi in the air and slam dunk in the air. At the beginning, sakuraki wants to enter the basketball team, because his underestimate of basketball makes Akagi have a bad impression on sakuraki, and he proposes to let sakuraki enter the basketball team as long as sakuraki can score a goal. Sakuraki's repeated attacks are easily prevented by Akagi. Finally Sakuragi hit the backboard and trieGenius dunk  private geniusd to make up for the score, butDunk master genius Sendao, his stGenius dunk  private geniusrength is really far inferior to Rongzhi Zebei
This is for sure. He is a trump player of Shanwang industry, known as "the first high school student in the country". He led the team to win the national championship in the first year of senior high school. You have seen Sendao and Liuchuan Maple fight alone, which is almost a tie. Take another look at the single fight between Zebei and Liuchuan Feng. Liuchuan Feng was played around. You will know the differenceDunk master Sakuragi said genius
Episode 2Why doesn't this dunk genius produce a sequel! 1 many people want to see!! Who can ask
There is a sequel to the cartoon. The animation should not come out. After all, it is classic. If something goes wrong, you will be scolded bloody
Mitsui in slam dunk master also claims to be a genius. What is the difference between Mitsui and Sakuragi and kiyoda_ Baidu knows
In terms of technology, kiyoda's attack is better than sakuraki, and sakuraki's defense is better than kiyoda. Sakuragi has only played basketball for three months, and there are few scoring methods. Kiyoda's offensive methods are not bad, and he has the ability to attack the basket independently"Slam dunk master" Sendao is recognized as a talented player. What are the honors
Senior one is more famous than Liuchuan maple “ New king ”, Called “ Talented players ”, With extraordinary skills and leadership, he is the spiritual pillar of Lingnan basketball team. Although the next captain has not participated in IH League, he has been selected into the all Japan youth basketball training campWhich player in slam dunk master has the strongest talent? Can Liuchuan Feng rank in the top five
I think it is important to be a top basketball player in basketball, but talent is also essential. There are many talented players in slam dunk master, whose talents are very highGenius dunk  private genius, such as Liuchuan maple, cherry blossom path and so on. And if yGenius dunk  private geniusou give these players a ranking of talent, thenDunk genius Mandarin version
The Mandarin version of SD is from Taiwan.. In Mandarin dubbing (animation!!) It should be considered a boutique | | | I believe those who have seen the Mandarin version must have a deep impression... So far, as soon as I see SD and basketball, I will immediately hear "I'm a genius hahahaha."
Genius dunk private genius

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