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Chinese dunk except excellent works

2022-07-01 17:04Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Why does "slam dunk master" animation have such a high status among Chinese youthIn addition to his excellent works, nobuhiko Inoue, the author of "slam dunk master", is also the most famo
Why does "slam dunk master" animation have such a high status among Chinese youth
In addition to his excellent works, nobuhiko Inoue, the author of "slam dunk master", is also the most famous comic master in Japan, and dares to directly confront the editor of cartoon magazine. At that time, the editor of jump magazine wanted Inoue to continue to serialize the content behind slam dunk master, but Inoue refusedCan I dunk in CBA
CBA can dunk naturally, because there are no basketball rules in any region that prohibit dunking. There are three main reasons why we usually don't see dunking in CBA: 1 Many Chinese players' physical qualityChinese dunk  except excellent works is not enough to complete the dunk under high-intensity confrontation, especially the waist and abdomen strength and upper limb strengthWhy do Chinese players seldom dunk and dunk in the game
That's the difference between cultural traditions. Chinese people stress efficiency. Just get in. It's obviously easier to lay up than dunk, isn't it? Americans emphasize pasChinese dunk  except excellent workssion. Dunking is not only wonderful, but also can boost the morale of teammates. When Yao Ming went to the United States, the trainer asked Yao Ming to buckle if he could, otherwise he would be punished for running in circlesWhose dunk is the best in China
Few people in theChinese dunk  except excellent works Chinese team dunk ~ ~ ~ but there are still a few ~ ~ the following analysis ~ ~ ~ 1: Yi Jianlian; He bounces well, so he can dunk well ~ ~ ~ but he is too introverted and doesn't show himself very well, so his dunk is too monotonous ~ ~ 2: Sun Yue: as a guard, but he is tall enoughWhy doesn't the Chinese men's basketball team love dunking
; Do not dunk because you are afraid of being bucChinese dunk  except excellent workskled, and do not fast break because you are slow; Dunking requires timing and physical fitness. Because of the tight defense of the other side, there is no space for you to dunk. In addition, the physical quality of Chinese players is limited, and it is impossible to make a very wonderful dunk. Even if the dunk is only a big chance under the basket, or a more formal open space opportunityWhen was slam dunk master broadcast in China
At the same time, the Xiangbei high school basketball team joined by Sakuragi Road, led by Akagi Gangxian and others, has bravely entered the National High School Basketball League since the regional trials. The long TV cartoon slam dunk master is adapted from the cartoon work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue and produced by toying animationHow many people in China can dunk
Basketball players above 2.00 can dunkIs it common for Chinese college students to dunk? I don't know the reality of dunking
Dunking is still common in some sports schools and many universities; Dunking requires your jumping and physical quality. Only with these two, it can be achievedWhy does slam dunk master have such a high status among young and middle-aged people in China
Besides, basketball itself is deeply loved by the majority of teenagers. In the era when it was not really popular to watch NBA at that time, dunk masters were the first enlightenment teachers for Chinese teenagers to contact basketball. So young people who loved basketball at that time liked this slam dunk master. The above is only this personal point of viewWho is the best dunk in China
Hu Guang, the dunk king king, was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on November 10, 1981. Han nationality, height 1.92 meters, weight 96 kg, blood type O, Scorpio. Shaanxi Dongsheng Qilin club Gaitianli men's basketball player. In middle school, basketball was only one of Hu Guang's hobbies in his spare time activities, but in October, 1997
Chinese dunk except excellent works

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