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This is the dunk script

2022-07-01 11:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Are there any variety shows worth painting recentlyThen "escape from the chamber of secrets" is very suitable. It not only combines the suspense of detective cases, but also often meets various
Are there any variety shows worth painting recently
Then "escape from the chamber of secrets" is very suitable. It not only combines the suspense of detective cases, but also often meets various strange things, which makes people feel very exciting. Therefore, it is also a great challenge to the psychology of the auThis is the dunk scriptdience. The reason why this variety show is recommended is that it is very similar to the current popular screenplayZhufangyu was This is the dunk scriptcriticized as famous and ran away. Did wangshipeng save the scene
Many people questioned that Zhu Fangyu ran away after he became famous in the program, which enabled wangshipeng to return again and help Zhu Fangyu's team as a guide. But the fans may have forgotten that Zhu Fangyu needs to rely on "this is dunk 3" to get hot? This is a variety show with scripts. Zhufangyu's departure is inevitableWhat is the reason why Ling Nan didn't score three points in the final play of "dunk master" on Hainan's wartime Xiandao
But as a top player like Sendao in slam dunk master, no matter which way he finally chooses to score, he is full of confidence. So rookies think that Xiandao chose this ball not because the two-point ball is more secure than the three-point ball, but because he wants to have a decisive dunk with emperor mu in his heart"This is dunk" and "I want to play basketball" are popular at the same time. Which one is better_ Baidu
Both of them are in the name of last year's dunk sequel. Whether I bought the entire manufacturing team last year or the remade dunk 2 under the original platform, they all took advantage of the momentum in the hot season of the first season. Tencent boldly went online in advance during the working day on Wednesday to seize resourcesLi Yifeng and Aaron Guo have become good friends in this slam dunk program. Their relationship is really so good
Li Yifeng encourages strange people like a big brother, so this cross-border relationship is very enviable. Due to an elbow injury in a qualifying match, Aaron Guo will miss the home game of the Chinese men's basketball team against Jordan men's basketball team. It makes some netizens' doubts aThis is the dunk scriptbout Guo Allen more and more rampant"This is dunk" is too greasy. If it weren't for Wang Shaojie, would anyone still watch it
This is not to say that there is no winner in a real game, but it is exciting because it is rare and rare. In the second season of the first issue of this is dunk, killing is as simple as eating a bowl of noodles. The number of killings is too many, very fake, and looks like a script. Speaking of scriptsComic plot of dunk master
66. Fairy script 67 The final decisive battle: North Hunan vs South ling68 Savior Sakuragi 69 The change of Akagi 70 King Kong dunk No. 2 71 The resurrection of King Kong 72 The greatest disgrace in life 73 Maple Liuchuan bet 74. 5% in the second half The most dangerous Challenger 75 Best performance 76 A premonition of victory 77 You are the strongest 78The deluxe lineup of slam dunk 3 originally thought Deng Lun was attractive enough. Are female guests more attractive
To be honest, Xiaobian thinks that there are more variety shows about sports and entertainment in recent years, such as "run brother", "this is hip-hop", "this is dunk" and so on. I wonder if you have paid attention to these variety shows, which have been filmed for a good season now. It shows the response after the broadcastThe sports program "this is dunk" is fiercely opposed. What are its favorite points by the audience_ Baidu knows
The initial reason for chasing this is dunk was that Xiaogong picked up Jay, and then he began to chase it every week. First of all, the most amazing thing in the audition is Yang Haozhe of beiti. This boy is simply McGrady possessed. In three on three, one person leads the whole team to the promotion. There is no script for basketbalThis is the dunk scriptlPlaying competitive sports for the first time, "this is dunk" how to make people drink this cup of youth blood
Some people may say that this is a variety show after all, and there may be a "script" in the design of many bridge sections, but it is undeniable that "I am dunking" is a rare variety show with a single sports theme in China. It may have a small audience, but it has a full impact
This is the dunk script

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