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Slam dunk ace Gangxian Akaki

2022-07-01 09:00Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What is the significance and role of Akagi Gangxian in "slam dunk master" in Sakuragi's growthOnly after watching Naruto do fans know that suzuzenghu is powerful. Only after watching slam dun
What is the significance and role of Akagi Gangxian in "slam dunk master" in Sakuragi's growth
Only after watching Naruto do fans know that suzuzenghu is powerful. Only after watching slam dunk master do fans know that Akagi Gangxian has cultivated the indomitable will of Sakuragi flower path. Sakuragi flower path, a guy who has been determined to become a Xiang shadow since he joined the team, will give full play to Akagi's spiritIn slam dunk master, why does Akagi gon Hyun boast more than Sakuragi flower path
Akaki has worried about his foot injury, but sakuraki hasn't hesitated about his waist injury. If sakuraki is bragging, he is also the first person who dares to boast about his fate in slam dunk master. Maple Jun's conclusion: Akagi Gangxian, like our middle-aged fans, Slam dunk ace Gangxian Akakikept telling himself that he could be admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University when he was a childWhy does Akagi Gangxian in slam dunk master always give people a feeling of spiritual fragility
It is a very positive work. But one of them is very special, that is the captain of Xiangbei basketball team, Slam dunk ace Gangxian AkakiGangxian Akaki. Akagi has always been the backbone of Northern Hunan in the first part of the animation, the king of the town team, and the only player who caSlam dunk ace Gangxian Akakin manage a bunch of problem teenagers"Slam dunk master" in Akagi's talent is not bad, why not get a good training and use
In the slam dunk master, Sakuragi flower path is considered as the most talented basketball player in the whole article. After entering the Xiangbei team, he quickly became a powerful national top interior player in a short time. However, compared with sakuraki, the treatment of Akaki Gangxian is very unfair, because Akaki's talent is not much worse than sakurakiAmong the slam dunk masters, why didn't Shenze Sports University finally ask Akagi Gangxian
There is no real reason for shenti to ask Akaki. In fact, there is a dark horse. Before the national competition, he came to Akagi's home and said that as long as Akagi could lead the team into the national top eight, he would have the opportunity to go deeper and have a better body. He wants to investigate what performance Akagi, as the core of the team, can bring in the national team gameHow strong is Akagi in slam dunk
He is Akagi Gangxian. All this was told by a rookie who dribbled and kicked the ball three years ago. I feel arrogant when I think about it. It is even more ridiculous to think of dominating the country before leaving the county! But as long as three years, Akagi Gangxian is not to prove how great he is, but to prove itWhy didn't Akagi Gangxian, a slam dunk expert, be favored by Shenze Sports University
At first, Kanazawa Sports University chose Okayama Akagi, but later changed its mind because they thought that Okayama Akagi was not strong enough, and then the emergence and excellent performance of Yamato industrial Yashi Kawada. They thought that Yashi Kawada was relatively strong, which was more suitable for Kanazawa Sports University and believed that Yashi Kawada's strengthHow strong is Akagi's fighting strength in slam dunk master
In slam dunk master, Akagi Gangxian's fighting strength should rank first in animation. Basically, he is invincible. It's no problem to fight ten of themHow powerful is Akagi Gangxian in slam dunk master
Of course, in SD, the most promising center in the future is Mori chongkuan, known as the treasure of Japanese basketball. To sum up, in terms of strength, Okayama Akagi can now rank among the top three in the center position of slam dunk masters; On the future, Akagi can become an excellent person! The above are my personal viewsWhy didn't Akagi Gangxian go to Shenzhen University in the end
Akaki did not go to Shenzhen University Slam dunk ace Gangxian Akakiof physical education because the person at Shenzhen University did not recommend him. They took a fancy to Yashi Kawada, the No. 1 center of the National University and yamawang industry. It can be said that Akaki lost the election and was not recommended because of the existence of this person
Slam dunk ace Gangxian Akaki

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