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This is the dunk Wu You both powerful and relaxed

2022-07-01 07:53Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: How did wuyueneng practice dunkingThe movement should be accurate, beautiful, powerful and relaxed. Strength training is best arranged and tutored by the physical training coach. If you train yourself
How did wuyueneng practice dunking
The movement should be accurate, beautiful, powerful and relaxed. Strength training is best arranged and tutored by the physical training coach. If you train yourself, you'd better do 2 to 4 times of strength training every week. You must pay attention to safety during training to avoid accidental injury. The so-called big strength training is to use barbells to carry out heavy load eThis is the dunk Wu You  both powerful and relaxedxercisesLi Yifeng is not a professional athlete. Why can he be the judge of this is dunk
There are two reasons. First, he is a representative actor of young and middle-aged people in the mainland. The program needs a popular artist to increase its appeal. For example, "this is dunk" is just a basketball program for pure professionals, which is more competitive than variety. The program hopes to combine variety and basketball to create a new programWhy doesn't iron bull play CBA? What is his annual salary
Iron bull had previously worked for kings basketball club, and his annual salary had reached 600000 at that time. Not only that, in the "this is the dunk" program, iron bull is also the best center, with high strength and popularity. For iron bull, many basketball activities and programs find him every yearWhat is the ranking of the strength of the tiger pouncing on the passer-by king
The strength ranking of Hupu passerby king is: Zhang Ning, zhangzhiyang, Wang Jing, mark, zhangziyi, Li Lin, Cheng Chi, Chen Kaitao, zhumingzhen and zhangshuaikang. Zhang Ning, the top player of Peking University Basketball who made a great success in this is the dunk, ranked first. He also participated in the passer-by Wang's game and performed wellIsn't there a rabbit Wu you in slam dunk? What's going on
Something to play with
Wang Zengjie, the "wild bull" star, gave up the CBA. Why did he choose to go to the wild field to make money
Now basketball is developing very well in China. There are not only many fans but also many friends who like playing basketball, and “ This is the dunk ” There are many players from mainland China in this program, with “ Bull ” The title of Wang Zengjie gave up CBAHow did Wu you practice dunking
This cycle ends when you can no longer bear weight or jump out of the pit. Relieve the load and try how high you can jump. The second method is not very effective, but it is easy to implement. Specific method: tie a rubber band on your ankle and jump in plaThis is the dunk Wu You  both powerful and relaxedce. Practice for half an hour every dayHow many vertical jumps does Wu You dunk
Wu You bounced 92cm vertically. Wu you, born in Beijing, is a famous street ball player in China and a professional guard. He started playing basketball at the age of 9, became involved in street basketball at the age of 16, established a streetball team at the age of 18, completed his first dunk at the age of 21, and started to establish national streetball competitions (trials, exhibition competitions, tour competitions, anti season leagues, hegemony competitions, etc.) at the age of 23Who is Zhou Rui? Playing street basketball? Who has his introduction, more detailed
Zhou Rui, male, profession: player, height: 174CM, native place: Wuhan, China, was once described as one of China's four legendary Street players, and one of the members of the large-scale basketball competition original program "this is dunk" jointly launched by Youku and Zhejiang satellite TV. In August, 2018, Zhou Rui partnered with Jay Chou, Li Yifeng and linshuhaoWang Wuyou: tell me why you can dunk
In fact, I'm a spinner who eats rotating fruit. Every time I have a bullfight with others, I keep rotating and just spin others dizzy. If I meet someone above the level of primary school students, I spin myself dizzy, so that I won't blush when others laugh at me. As for why I can dunk the basketWhat is Jizhi costume
 Jizhizhuang is a household decoration TV reality show, which is broadcaThis is the dunk Wu You  both powerful and relaxedst by SMG and major network platforms. VIP line: 400-808-6161 one-stop decoration service, first-line building materials branThis is the dunk Wu You  both powerful and relaxedd; The program has long recruited friends who need home decoration. We are waiting for you here
This is the dunk Wu You both powerful and relaxed

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