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God of dunk master

2022-07-01 05:39Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Who can write me a novel about a slam dunk master? Thank youDunk: baldheaded man dunk: Miyagi Yoshida dunk: brilliant career the king of dunk masters is respected. Aoki dunk masters remember so much w
Who can write me a novel about a slam dunk master? Thank you
Dunk: baldheaded man dunk: Miyagi Yoshida dunk: brilliant career the king of dunk masters is respected. Aoki dunk masters remember so much when they dunk. Some have forgotten their names. Some of these are finished, and some are serializedWhat stars are Musen shinichiro, Akagi Gangxian, Liuchuan maple and xiandaozhang in the slam dunk master
The God of victory eventually favored the shepherd. Capricorn - Liuchuan Feng: Well, Capricorn people generally have few facial expressions, so they look a little melancholy. In fact, whether they are really melancholy needs to be studied. Because they look serious, they feel a little terribleThe best way to finish a dunk master's novel is through rebirth
Maple Liuchuan of dunk, yanichi xiangtian of dunk master, sakuraki of dunk master, and Gongyan Mumu (TJ)Who are the strongest people in slam dunk
In fact, it is difficult to select the three strongest individuals in the slam dunk master. There are two reasons: first, the classic cartoon slam dunk master has a very successful portrayal of characters. Many characters are very attractive, which will affect the judgment of their objective strength. Of course, this is not very importantDunk master character prototype
God vs. Mullin God and Miller's shooting posture are very different. In fact, according to the grace of God's shooting, it can be said that he is an Iceman or a godfather, but his prototype of playing method, considering that he rarely sees running in between, and more is shooting open, so it can be basically compared with Mullin? They are all divine shots with ordinary physical qualitySlam dunk master: why is Shinto Ichiro's strength always inferior to Mitsui Shou in most people's hearts
But in fact, Qingtian Xinchang plays the second position, that iGod of dunk masters, the shooting guard. Shenzong Yilang is the small forward. The fight with Northern Hunan was because Qingtian was not tall enough to restrict Mitsui, so he changed his position with God. Friends who are familiar with basketball should know itWhat is the list of dunk master roles
In one year, the team has maGod of dunk masterde a leap forward from the bench audience to the second leader in the team, whose position is second only to that of shinichimaki, and has won the title of "three-point marksman". 2 shinichimaki: Shinichi, the point guard of Shinichi, is a character in the Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue's work dunk master, and a senior 3 student affiliated to Hainan University
In slam dunk master, is Ichiro Kobe inferior to Mitsui
Let's take a look with Xiaobian. Will Ichiro Nakasone, a slam dunk expert, step into Mitsui? Mitsui Mitsui didn't touch basketball for two years in his student days. During this period, Mitsui's physical strength and wrist strength decreased the most. In God of dunk masterthe case of double decline, his projection may be affectedDunk master ah Shen
Voice actor: shennaiyannian (Japanese dubbing) Yu Zhengsheng (Chinese dubbing) future: the third grade God has become the captain of Hainan team. Under his leadership, Hainan will continue its winning mythical appearance characteristics (1) eyes: a Shen's eyes are big, round and bright. Look at his watery eyesWho are all the characters of dunk masters imitating in reality
You may think that the great Jordan can not be compared with Japanese high school students like Liuchuan Feng, but there is no doubt that he is the most like Jordan in slam dunk master. Liu Chuanfeng is the strongest in both ability and judgment in the face of difficulties in the game. Of course, Jordan is also theGod of dunk master strongest
God of dunk master

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