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Name slam dunk master

2022-06-30 21:05Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What are the names of all the dunk mastersName: Tatsuhiko AOTA Name: Yukie Name: Matsui ryonan Jun uozumi Akira Sendoh kicchou Fukuda Hiroaki Koshino toriyukiFull name of dunk masterTakenori Akagi, ha
What are the names Name slam dunk masterof all the dunk masters
Name: Tatsuhiko AOTA Name: Yukie Name: Matsui ryonan Jun uozumi Akira Sendoh kicchou Fukuda Hiroaki Koshino toriyuki
Full name of dunk master
Takenori Akagi, hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Hisashi Mitsui, ryota Miyagi, Anzai, Haruko Akagi, Ayako, mumumu Gongyan, Sendai Sakuragi, shoyu zuchun
What are the English names of all the players in Xiangbei, a slam dunk master
Hanamichi Sakuragi; Kaede Rukawa; TakenName slam dunk masterori Akagi; Hisashi Mitsui, ryota Miyagi. The long TV cartoon slam dunk master is adapted from the cartoon work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko InoueIntroduction to dunk Masters
Slamdunk character introduction synopsis: slamdunk (also known as "basketball Jumpers" or "men in the bottle") is a set of Japanese cartoons drawn by Mr. yoshihihiko Inoue. The content is certainly related to basketballWhat are the team members' information of slam dunk master
Introduction: Sakuragi flower path is a character in the animation slam dunk master, slam dunk master and slam dunk masterList of names of characters in slam dunk Masters
12 classic roles in slam dunk master 1 The cherry blossom path has inspired countless basketball youngsters' hot-blooded men, who have no basis and are 100% confident! Height: 188CM weight: 83kg School: Xiangbei high school characteristics: naive and simple, abnormal bounce and extraordinary basketball smell
What is the list of dunk master roles
Introduce: Gao Sha, the chief center, is the character in slamdunk, the chief center of Hainan team of Kanagawa seed team, and the No. 5 Jersey. It is a friendly partner with Hushen Yi of Hainan team. He is one of the three rival centers in Akagi's eyes. In the county competition, Gao Sha showed his amazing skills as the chief center of HainanWhen did the dunk master come out
Published from 1991 to 1996. Slam dunk master is a cartoon created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue with the theme of high school basketball. The cartoon tells the story of Sakuragi Road, who has no basketball foundation, joining the basketball team of Xiangbei high school in order to please the same level secret love object Akiko Akaki. Stimulated by Okayama Akaki and maple Liuchuan, a genius at the same level, SakuragiEnglish name of dunk master character
Akagi Takenori of Akagi, hanamichi Sakuragi of sakuragawa, Rukawa Kaede of Liuchuan, Miyagi ryota of MiyName slam dunk masteragi, Mitsui Hisashi of Mitsui, Mitsui Hisashi of Mumu Gongyan. Akagi Takenori: Akagi Takenori is one of the main characters in the Japanese animation slam dunk masterDunk master character introduction
Sakuragi is the first protagonist in the famous work "slam dunk master" by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue and one of the main forces of the Northern Hunan team. Sakuraki is a simple minded but lovely problem figure. His personality is complex and simple. At some times, he is as innocent as a young chName slam dunk masterild
Name slam dunk master

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