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Akagi dunk

2022-06-30 16:01Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Akagi's talent in slam dunk master is not bad. Why didn't he get good trainingIt is believed that when many people first read this cartoon, they will not only have a deep impression of the main
Akagi's talent in slam dunk master is not bad. Why didn't he get good training
It is believed that when many people first read this cartoon, they will not only have a deep impression of the main character Sakuragi flower path, but also have an impression of Akagi Gangxian, who is tall and like a gorilla. He can be said to be one of the strong players in the early stage of the cartoon and an important guide to lead Sakuragi road to the road of basketball. But we all wonderHow strong is Akagi in slam dunk
He is Akagi Gangxian. All this was told by a rookie who dribbled and kicked the ball three years ago. I feel arrogant when I think about it. It is even more ridiculous to think of dominating the country before leaving the county! But as long as three years, Akagi Gangxian will not prove how great he is, but will prove itIn slam dunk master, why didn't Akaki finally get admitted to Shenze Sports University
First, Akagi gave up because he didn't finish the agreement with Shenzhen University of physical education, and registered for the school he wanted to go to before. Previously, he was favored by people from Shenze University. They promised to admit him as long as Akagi could reach the national top eight. Later, they said that Akagi had the strength of a university level centerSlam dunk: why didn't Mitsui choose to fight back when Akagi played Mitsui in the gymnasium event
The cartoon also depicts countless impressive characters, but Xiaobian likes Mitsui best. We all know that Mitsui has a two-year window. The most impressive thing about Mitsui in the early stage should be the stadium event. In this gymnasium fight, only Akaki beat him, so he didn't fight backDoes Akagi, one of the dunk masters, have the strength of the top three in the country
Akaki's ability to play well in the plot year haAkagi dunks a lot to do with his three years of hard training in high school. From the perspective of talent, Akaki is not the strongest in the center position. Therefore, if Akaki goes to Hainan, he may still be unable to even start the game. Mu Shen can start the gameIn slam dunk master, Akaki lost so badly to Hetian. How can Akaki turn over when he meets the first center again
Akagi Gangxian was a very strong member of the team in Northern Hunan. However, in the final game against Shanwang in Northern Hunan, Akagi Gangxian did not play as well as expected, and Mitsui Shou and Sakuragi flower path played extraordinary roles to win the gameWhy does Akagi always give people a feeling of mental fragility in slam dunk master
It is a book that can guide people to work hard. However, one of the roles is very unique, that is, Gangxian Akaki, the captain of the Xiangbei basketball team. In the first part of the animation, Akaki has always been the backbone of Northern Hunan, the leader of the town team, and the only teammate who can manage a bunch of problem childrenSlam dunk master: Akagi started playing basketball in primary school. Why can't he dribble in senior one
Primary school began to contact basketball, junior high school officially began basketball training, and Senior High School entered the unknown Northern Hunan. Such a basketball growth path is simply the extravagant hope of Akagi Gangxian to rule Akagi dunkthe country, and even will be mercilessly ridiculed by his teammates! As a Akagi dunkbig center, his agility is generally poor. The story of slam dunk master is in the middle of the yearWill Akaki, who was defeated by Yashi Kawada in slam dunk master, repeat his mistakes in the face of Mori chongkuan_ Baidu
However, in the slam dunk master, Akaki never slammed the basket on purpose or even hit the enemy. Even though Sendao repeatedly broke through the layup and insulted Akaki, he is also very standardized in the application of technical posture sealing, which is different from the sudden profits mainly shown by a mu and Yu ZhuSlam dunk is Akagi really inferior to Kawabata? TakAkagi dunke you in-depth analysis of the details of the two men's battle_ Baidu knows
Slam dunk is Akagi really inferior to Kawabata? The most exciting game among the dunk masters is the national competition between Shanwang industry in Northern Hunan. It is really a very exciting match. But many players and journalists at first
Akagi dunk

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