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2k17 dunk and select priority

2022-06-30 13:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Nba2k17 how to dunkThe dunk steps of nba2k17 are as follows: when selecting self built players, select a role with a higher dunk attribute, which is generally easy to dunk and trigger fancy dunks. Upg
Nba2k17 how to dunk
The dunk steps of nba2k17 are as follows: when selecting self built players, select a role with a higher dunk attribute, which is generally easy to dunk and trigger fancy dunks. Upgrade the attribute and select the priority dunk attribute to improve the dunk success rate. Attack the basket, press the sprint button, and get ready to dunkHow to operate nba2k17 layup dunk
Nba2k17 layup dunk operation method: 1 dunk: press the RT key + press and hold the right rocker towards the basket (when dribbling) 2 two handed dunk: when the shooting bar is full, push the right rocker down2k17 dunk  and select priorityward and release 3 preferred or non preferred hand dunk: RT key + push the right rocker to the left or rightNba2k17 how to choose shooting action
Before the fancy dribble, the right rocker is forward. This generation is the acceleration key +, th2k17 dunk  and select prioritye direction key, and the direction key can be pushed once. He will do a set of actions. Two fancy passes, B, high throw yes, y, hit the ground yes, B. In the European step, push the right rocker towards the body, left or right backNba2k17 O'Neal's dunk technique how to dunk
O'Neal in nba2k17 has the unique skill of dunking. Today, I will teach you O'Neal's skill of dunking by using a group of motion pictures to learn how to dunk. Demonstration platform: PS4 difficulty: Hall of fame first - back dunk ▼ operation method: 1 press and hold the back key to enter the back state. 2. Move the left rocker towards the basket2k17 how to slam dunk
If you find that the opponent is also flying, you can also have a chance to save the goal, that is, change the shooting in the air, and push the right rocker in any direction in the air during the dunk or layup. Then you can turn the layup into a fake shot or a big windmill layupNba2k17 hidden dunk code list nba2k17 hidden dunk actions
List of hidden dunk codes 63 Kobe 64 Carter 65 Dawkins 66 drozan 67 Drexler 68 George 69 Griffin 70 harden 71 Howard 72 Raven 73 Jordan 74 James 75 camp 76 O'Neill 77 Pippen 78 Wilkins 79 Wei Shao 80 person show 81 roller coaster 82 dunk freak 83 flying 84 crazy boyHow to dunk in nba2k17ios
And finally the finger has been stopped on the shooting button, OK dunk success. Analyze the reasons why you may not be able to dunk: the method of clicking the shooting button will be judged as two ordinary shooting behaviors in the game, and because the pressing time is very short, you actually did two fake shooting actionsNba2k17 hidden dunk how to use hidden dunk
The dunk system in nba2k17 is the same as the previous one. Many superstars have their own unique dunk actions, and players cannot customize and modify them in the game. However, with the large L modifier, players can customize the dunk action. Here is a list of nba2k17 hidden dunk codes. Let's have a lookHow to choose some dunk actions in nba2k17mc mode
In the nba2k17mc mode, if you get a certain evaluation after participating in the competition, there will be a gathering of coach K. at this time, you can participate and get an action editor. Coach k will send you more editors in the futureHow to set the shooting action in 2k17mc mode
Take part in coach k's party and set up the harvest basket editor. 1. first, attend coach k's party, as shown in the above figure. 2. after that, a shooting editor will be presented, and then a shooting editor will come2k17 dunk  and select priority out of the setti2k17 dunk  and select priorityngs (version D is applicable). Actions can be edited without a store
2k17 dunk and select priority

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