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2022-06-29 21:25Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Slam dunk master: has this cartoon changed Japanese basketballLet's talk about some thoughts on the combination of hot-blooded animation dunk masters with practice. As a basketball cartoon released
Slam dunk master: has this cartoon changed Japanese basketball
Let's talk about some thoughts on the combination of hot-blooded animation dunk masters with practice. As a basketball cartoon released in Japan in the 1990s, slam dunk masters have created many histories of Japanese comics and become a myth among Japanese comics. Of course, this success was inseparable from the enviroComic dunk masternment and the novelty of the subject matter of dunk mastersHow many cartoons are there about slam dunk master? How many volumes are there? What's your name
Basket master 1-31 volumes, to see come in yo, classic is always classic! 。Let's talk about how to evaluate the cartoon slam dunk master
In my opinion, the whole dunk master cartoon is his own growth process. In the later stage, the skillful use of split mirrors and action expression, such as the final kill part of the mountain king war, are full of tension. The perfection of the painting makes every worComic dunk masterd superfluous. The animation fully reflects this, not only the perfection of the character settingWho is the comic book author of dunk master
The comic book authorComic dunk master of dunk master is nobiko Inoue. Inoue Takehiko, formerly known as Masahiko, was born in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan on January 12, 1967. A famous Japanese cartoonist, whose works include slam dunk master, destiny strong hand, wanderer, etc. Japan earthquake in march2011How do you evaluate the historical status of slam dunk master comics and animation
This should be the best affirmation for the cartoon of dunk master. He is a benchmark work onComic dunk master basketball and even sports. The degree to which an enduring masterpiece evaluates a work in history, in addition to the sales volume, audience rating, box office, derivatives around the work and other data indicators. I think the characterization of the storyWho are the characters in dunk master
Mitsui, who unreservedly shows readers the glory, frustration and resurrection in his works, is known as the most human character in the whole works. Anxi Guangyi is a character in the Japanese cartoon slam dunk master and its derivative works, and the coach of Xiangbei basketball team. When he was young, he got the title of "white haired ghost" for his severityThe character prototype of the comic dunk master
The picture of Yingliu in the slam dunk animation took place in 1993, and the timeline is not right at all. Yingliu was first followed by Joro. Jordan probably learned yingmu's actions after watching the slam dunk master. Besides, the two men's rebounding posture is similar. Many people in the cartoon have learned from Jordan's actions, including yingmu, Zebei and LiuchuanHow many volumes of slam dunk master cartoons
The slam dunk master comic book has 31 volumes in total, the full version has 24 volumes in total, and the new version has 20 volumes. There is no difference in content among the three. The booklet was released when the slam dunk master serialized it, with a total of 31 volumes. Later, after the slam dunk masters finished, the Jiying society released a full version in 2012, with 24 volumes in total. And
How many episodes of slam dunk master
What is the ending of the slam dunk master cartoon
Xiangbei entered the national competition and was rated as the lowest level C team by the sports magazine. In the first round, facing the Fengyu team who once mocked xiandaozhang, everyone failed to perform well due to tension at the beginning of the competition. With the gradual deepening of the competition, Yoshida Miyagi, Akagi and maple Liuchuan all achieved the level of rolling and gained the leading edge
Comic dunk master

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