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Dunk master school in dunk Master

2022-06-29 12:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: In slam dunk master, why didn't Shenze Sports University finally ask Akagi GangxianYoshihihiko Inoue arranged for the Shenze Sports University to set up the solicitation of Akagi Gangxian, which ca
In slam dunk master, why didn't Shenze Sports University finally ask Akagi Gangxian
Yoshihihiko Inoue arranged for the Shenze Sports University to set up the solicitation of Akagi Gangxian, which can be used to bury the pit for subsequent dDunk master school  in dunk Masteriscussions to a certain extent. After all, logically speaking, the strongest center in the third year of the high school should be Yashi Kawada, since Shenze Sports University is the strongest University in the setting of dunking mastersIn slam dunk master, where are the two schools in Northern Hunan and southern Lingnan respectively in Kanagawa county
The coastal area in the north of Xiangmo Bay, Kanagawa PrefectDunk master school  in dunk Masterure, extends to Yeshan in the East and Daji in the west, including five cities: Douzi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Maoqi and Hiratsuka. The South Hunan coast is a famous resort in Japan. The South Hunan region is one of the economic, industrial, cultural and port centers of Japan. And the slam dunk master cartoon Xiangbei high schoolWhat schools are there for dunk Masters
Xiangbei mausoleum, Nanhai nanxiangyang
In slam dunk master, why can Hainan affiliated high school dominate the basketball arena in Kanagawa County for more than ten years
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In dunk master, the basketball team of high school affiliated to Hainan University, as the strongest team in Kanagawa County, has won the first place in the county competition for 17 consecutive yearsIn slam dunk master, why didn't Akaki finally get admitted to Shenze Sports University
As far as the whole work is concerned, the slam dunk expert should be not only passionate but also youthful. The wholDunk master school  in dunk Mastere work takes the hero Sakuragi flower path as the core, and tells the growth and evolution of the humble basketball team in Northern Hunan. From the beginning of the basketball rookie to the basketball rookie in the county competition, to the basketball star in the national competition, sakurakiWhich schools are there among the dunk masters
There are countless immortal colleges and universities that are masters of dunking. The three most famous colleges and universities are Hainan affiliated high school, Xiangyang high school and Lingnan high school. Their basketball teams should be the strongest in terms of comprehensive strength in all aspects. There is also Northern Hunan. They are the late show, integrating Sakuragi and othersThe middle school in the Japanese cartoon dunk master of Xiangbei high school
There are two prototypes of Xiangbei high school in the Japanese cartoon slam dunk master, but they are not in Kanagawa, but in Tokyo. The prototype of the campus of the university is the Tokyo Metropolitan Iwo Nagano North University. All the scenes about Xiangbei high school on Inoue are taken from the University in TokyoWhich high school did Cherry Blossom path study among slam dunk masters
Since it is called the Xiangbei basketball team, it is certainly a Xiangbei University, but this is a fictional school in the cartoon. There is no such school in reality. If you want to ask the real one, there is no such school
In slam dunk master, what was the final place of Darong Academy in the national competition
The realistic prototypeDunk master school  in dunk Master of Darong School Park is the big business school park. It has only won the top four once and won the championship in the winter trials. So people think that Darong academy may also break into the top four in slam dunk master. This possibility is very high. Because after nobuhiko Inoue declared that mingpeng industry was not a champion teamThe school where yingmu Huadao, the hero of the slam dunk master, is located is Xiangbei high school. There will be no mistake. Who can make a
Maybe it's the same person... I looked for it. Inoue really didn't have a work with Tu WuChun as the protagonist. Tu WuChun is a derivative of slam dunk master. Tu WuChun, the role in the animation dunk master and its derivative works, is the captain, star player and professional forward of the basketball team of Darong college. His personality is calm and meticulous, and his skills are excellent
Dunk master school in dunk Master

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