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Slam dunk expert Yuzhu will Lingnan still lose

2022-06-29 09:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Slam dunk master: if Yuzhu doesn't make five mistakes, will Lingnan still loseHowever, the king Hainan has almost reserved a seat (it is impossible for the newly formed Northern Hunan problem corps
Slam dunk master: if Yuzhu doesn't make five mistakes, will Lingnan still lose
However, the king Hainan has almost reserved a seat (it is impossible for the newly formed Northern Hunan problem corps to defeat Hainan, and the Lingnan Trident has just emerged). The rest of the competition is to see the duel Slam dunk expert Yuzhu  will Lingnan still losebetween Lingnan and Northern Hunan. In fact, the duel between the two teams is also a result of destiny. Yuzhu vs AkakiWho knows how to play a slam dunk master
This version of Yuzhu is already the strongest C. The best thing about Yuzhu is blocking the ball. He blocks the ball crazily to seize the ball. If he plays well with his teammates, he can score crazily. If you play defense, Yu Zhu is also very strong and can help teammates score. Fish and monkey herding, whoever uses it knowsWhich is better, a slam dunk master or a fish
The functionality is fundamentally different. We can't compare them together. The flower shape is an offensive player. Its strength lies in its many offensive means. Yuzhu is a defensive player, blocking is a must, and he hSlam dunk expert Yuzhu  will Lingnan still loseas a good dunk. Anyway, he is very strong. The upper part is suitable for fishSlam dunk expert: Yuzhu, huaxingtou, Makoto Makino and sendaozhang can defeat
In the slam dunk master, we talked about the most powerful team. In addition to the particularly powerful Hubei team, it should be the domineering Mountain King. He is also the last boss team, the king Hainan. It can be seen that their strength can not be underestimated. Some friends will ask if they will live among the fish. They will have a beautiful appearance and a shepherdIn slam dunk master,Slam dunk expert Yuzhu  will Lingnan still lose can Yu Zhu's strength squeeze into the top center in the national competition
Before we analyze this problem, Xiaobai should establish my own opinion that Yu ZHUCHUN must be one of the excellent centers in slam dunk master! Even Xiaobai once said that in the first industrial production war against Shanwang in Northern Hunan, if Akagi Gangxian was replaced by Yuzhu, the actual effect would be better, at least in the eyes of Yashi KawadaIn slam dunk master, if Mikio Kawada meets Kanagawa's fish, what will happen to Hana or Takahashi
Although Takahashi has no advantage in the defense against Akagi Gangxian and Yushu (normal Yushu), Takahashi cannot limit the average level centers in the country without a representative. After all, both Akagi Gangxian and yuzhuchun have the strength to rank among the top five centers in the countrySlam dunk master: if Yuzhu doesn't get rid of the five criminals, will Hainan really overturn
In the battle between Lingnan and Hainan, many viewers blamed the reckless man Yuzhu for Lingnan's bitter defeat. If yu lived in this game and no five criminals left, would Hainan overturn? In fact, there is no "if" in "slam dunk master". All accidents are part of the game designed by nobiko InoSlam dunk expert Yuzhu  will Lingnan still loseueSlam dunk master who is better, Yu Zhu or Hua Xing
I think there is no difference between fish living and flower shape, because both of them have the same strength. Takasha and huaxingtou are the four centers in Kanagawa Prefecture in the year of the plot, but the strength of these two people is actually difficult to compare. In their high school career, they met Xiangyang and Hainan four times in totalWho is better than Hua Xing in slam dunk master
I think fish is better. Flower shape and Yuzhu are two centers with completely different technical characteristics, which are not suitable for comparison. Let's talk about Yuzhu first. Since he joined the team in the first grade of high school, he has been regarded as a man without basketball talent. He was laughed at for his lack of height. Yuzhu sadly wants to leave the teamSlam dunk expert what is the reason for Lingnan Yuzhu's repeated fouls
What causes Lingnan's fish to foul again and again in slam dunk master? Personally, I think there are two main reasons: ① Yuzhu's ability to control emotions is relatively poor; ② the overall defensive defects and plot arrangement of Lingnan interior line, which are explained in detail below. Yuzhu in the story year is tall, but his actual age is not big
Slam dunk expert Yuzhu will Lingnan still lose

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