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Dunk game each level

2022-06-28 14:04Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Game playing method of slam dunkGet 1 recruitment card. There are 4 levels in the career match. Each big level has 12 small levels. Each small level is divided into ordinary, difficult and extremely d
Game playing method of slam dunk
Get 1 recruitment card. There are 4 levels in the career match. Each big level Dunk game  each levelhas 12 small levels. Each small level is divided into ordinary, difficult and extremely difficult levels. If you pass all the ordinary passes, you will open difficult passes. If you pass all the difDunk game  each levelficult passes, you will open extremely difficult passes. The opening conditions of each level areIntroduction to the game of slam dunk
Novel SPG type, rich street ball style and authentic cartoon image; Adopt the familiar 3vs3 street mode, collect all kinds of star players, and create a combination of three giants with personal style; There are up to 13 modes of play in real-time competitDunk game  each levelion with players. 4399 slam dunkHow to dunk in the mobile game "big dunk - genuine Jay Chou movie"
Adapted from the film of the same name Shijie grew up in Kungfu school and developed good kungfu. In the marketplace, Shijie inadvertently used CIC's magic skills. For this reason, he was invited by the first university basketball club to become a professional player, where he met his long-standing crush lilyHow to add friends to the national slam dunk
Add friends through the friend function of the game interface. In the national slam dunk, players need to know each other's game nickname or game ID before adding friends. Click the humanoid icon in the upper right corner of the game interface to enter the interface, find the add in the interface, enter the friend's game ID or game nickname and click searchNational slam dunk how to rebound
Press the "backboard" button at the basketball landing point to grab the backboard. When the game player's basketball is not thrown, the shadow of the basketball in the air will be projected on the basketbaDunk game  each levelll court. Standing at the landing point of the basketball and pressing the "backboard" key can make the character jump up and grab the backboard. Backboard, a technical term in basketball. After a missed shotIs there a big dunk game
In the game, you will have the dual identity of club owner and team coach. You should not only personally cultivate basketball talents like Jordan, Kobe and Yao Ming, but also personally lead your own invincible team to the League to win the supreme honor of dominating the country! As a true green online gameGame features of slam dunk
The first web basketball game that can be operated in a real sense. It can not only challenge strong enemies in life, but also compete with players in real time, which is absolutely tense and exciting. There are a variety of players in the game, including the well-known "" and the well-known player "Gong Shen" from island countries. Players can choose according to their own preferencesAdd points to the inside line of the national slam dunk
The inside line mainly adds points to the rebounds and blocks. In the national slam dunk, the role of the inside line is mainly to prevent the other side from scoring layups and to take off the backboard in time when the ball fails to make a goal. Therefore, it is necessary to add points to the two techniques of backboard and block shotGame system of slam dunk
Where to view player basic attributes. Drag the player's head to change the player. Click to view expired players. Click action to view the player's action. To learn an action, you need to consume the corresponding action card, which can also increase the player's comprehensive strength. Action cards are available at the mallWhat kind of experience does slam dunk give us
Since this is a cracking scene for the protagonist, and other people are invincible, how can we taste the bitter failure, but finally overcome the difficulties, and be "transformed" by the super fool? The director really has to move the boring words to the realistic game. After teaching young people not to broadcast successfully
Dunk game each level

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