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Slam dunk expert Cantonese

2022-06-23 00:07Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: How can a man be a slam dunk expert in the Cantonese versionBaidu search, Department degree network can ah, Cantonese resourcesWhat does the Cantonese word "when in a bottle" mean? What do you m
How can a man be a slam dunk expert in the Cantonese version
Baidu search, Department degree network can ah, Cantonese resources
What does the Cantonese word "when in a bottle" mean? What do you mean by drinking
Bottle means bottle in Cantonese. Coke bottle - coke bottle, glass bottle - glass bottle, a bottle of water - a bottle of water... Bottle entering is a basketball term, which means dunking. The Cantonese translation of "slam dunk master" is "men should be drunk", which actually comes from the word "men should be self-improvement"Who knows the Cantonese version of the complete collection of dunk masters This is the Mandarin version ~ ~ hey ~ in order to help you, the system deducted 10 points ~ ~ ~55555~ but I hope you can help youSeek dunk expert Cantonese version Baidu online disk resources, or BT

Slam dunk master Cantonese theater version
This is downloadSlam dunk expert Cantoneseed by BT This is online 。Dunk master? (1993) Baidu cloud no deletion full version online viewing,? Nishizawa shinhyo? Directed
Link: Extraction code: qwyu's long TV cartoon slam dunk master is adapted from the cartoon work of the Slam dunk expert Cantonesesame name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue. It is produced by Nishizawa shintaka and Chi shuichun'er. It is starred by Cao Weiyi and lvchuan GuangWhy is there no Cantonese version for slam dunks
Of course! It's called "a man should be drunk" in Cantonese
Classic lines of dunk master (Cantonese version)
Sakuragi casts a spell on LiucSlam dunk expert Cantonesehuan Maple: No, no, no... (that action plus sound, I can only say, sakuraki, you are too dumped) sakuraki: under the backboard is my world, I am the backboard king sakurSlam dunk expert Cantoneseaki flower path! (narcissistic) sakuraki: I am a genius! (continued narcissism) sakuraki's nickname for people: gorilla, monkey boss, wild monkey, middle-agedAsk for the title of the Cantonese version of the theme song "like saying I like you loudly" of "slam dunk master"
Singing is wild fire, the title of the song is slam dunk master. Please browse its personal music website
A Cantonese voiceover of a slam dunk expert
Yingmu flower path Yu Zhengsheng (◎◎ I believe that many people, like me, think of Guan Gao and think of yingmu's arrogant cry "I'm a genius". In my mind, this is an insurmountable peak for Chinese dubbing. I absolutely dare say this: without Yu Zhengsheng's excellent performance
Slam dunk expert Cantonese

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