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The best dunk master in dunk Master

2022-06-28 01:24Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: In dunk master, which position has the strongest overall strengthFirst of all, slam dunk masters can compare and discuss this relative consensus. It is based on an exaggerated work, but not surreal, b
In dunk master, which position has the strongest overall strength
First of all, slam dunk masters can compare and The best dunk master  in dunk Masterdiscuss this relative consensus. It is based on an exaggerated work, but not surreal, but not beyond common sense. If you agree with this, we can discuss it. How can a high school athlete be considered strong? Of course, we must first look at talThe best dunk master  in dunk Masterent and potentialWho is the strongest character in dunk master
Speaking of Shanwang, there is no doubt that no matter there are thousands of ways to rank the team, there is no doubt that the first team is in suspense. The overlord of the Japanese high school circle, the national champion team for many years in a row, is the goal that any strong man wants to defeat, and it is also the ultimate boss that Xiangbei faces in his worksWho is the strongest man in slam dunk
‍&# 8205; Zebei is recognized as the first person of SD. His father trained him in basketball since he was born. It can be said that Zebei was born for basketball! Quick and skillful dribbling breakthrough, vivid fake action, elegaThe best dunk master  in dunk Masternt and natural emergency stop jump shot, aggressive and elegant flying dunk, suffocating steals and defenseWho are the strongest people in slam dunk
In fact, it is difficult to select the three strongest individuals in the slam dunk master. There are two reasons: first, the classic cartoon slam dunk master has a very successful portrayal of characters. Many characters are very attractive, which will affect the judgment of their objective strength. Of course, this is not very importantWho are the strongest players in slam dunk
I think there are some of the strongest players: Sakuragi flower road, because he is the protagonist, the aura of the protagonist is absolutely indispensable. The aura of Sakurai's protagonist is his strong physical quality and ultra-high growth attribute. Such a strong talent can make this basketball intern who has practiced for four months finally grow into the Savior of Northern HunanWho do you think is the most powerful character in slam dunk
In terms of personal feelings, the five strongest people are Sakuragi flower path, Mu Shenyi, Mitsui Shou, Da Hotan and Zebei Rongzhi. It's not that Liuchuan maple and Xiandao are not good. The five strongest people, of course, are the five strongest people who form a team. If the positions are repeated, they will not be good. Each position has chosen the most powerful representativeWho do you think are the strongest of the five positions in dunk master? Why
Integrating the whole animation plot, the strongest “ Five tiger generals ” Who should there be? Mr. Maple shares his personal views with all his friends: 01 Center (c) &mdash& mdash; Akagi Gangxian is not a symbol of the spiritual pillar of Northern Hunan"Slam dunk master" cast aside the aura and emotional factors of the protagonist. Who is the strongest five in Kanagawa_ Baidu knows
There is no doubt that the strongest center in Kanagawa is definitely Okayama Akaki. The best proof is that he averaged 25.12.3 rebounds per game, blocked four times and was rated as the top five in KanagawaWho is the strongest point guard in slam dunk? What do you think
There are five top point guards in slam dunk master, namely, Shinji Shinsei, Makoto Shinji, Yoshida Miyagi and sendaozhang, who became a monk on the way. Each of them has his own advantages and characteristics. Xiandaozhang's passing is superb. As the core position of the team, Mu Shenyi is incomparable, but in Xiaobian's viewWho are the most capable people in dunk master
There are many talented players in slam dunk master, including the old generation of overlords such as Yashi Kawada, Rongji Zebei, and Mu Shen, as well as rising stars such as Mori chongkuan, maple Liuchuan, and cherry blossom path. Let's talk about the five strongest people in my heartThe best dunk master  in dunk Master
The best dunk master in dunk Master

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