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This is dunk 2

2022-06-22 20:45Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Is this the slam dunk 2 helmet guy eliminatedBrother helmet is a streetball player. Streetball belongs to the performance nature, which is much worse than the requirements of the professional league.
Is this the slam dunk 2 helmet guy eliminated
Brother helmet is a streetball player. Streetball belongs to the performance nature, which is much worse than the requirements of the professional league. Around the world, there are not many Streetballers turning to professional basketball. Therefore, brother helmet does not want to play CBA, but because his ability can not meet the requirements of CBA"This is dunking" and "I want to play basketball", who is the No.1 of basketball variety
Famous NBA stars such as Dwyane Wade and Nick Yang were also invited as guest judges, which greatly improved the professionalism of the program competition. From the perspective of the ratio of stars to professional players, slam dunk 2 focuses more on basketball itself. So I think this is the dunk is the bestKneel down and beg! It is the second season of dunk, 2019 Free HD Baidu cloud resources, starring Bai Jingting_ Baidu
Dingjinhui, udonishaslem, stephenmarbury type: sports, reality show production country / regionThis is dunk 2: Chinese Mainland language: Mandarin Premiere: August 25, 2019 (Chinese Mainland) seasons: 2 episodes: 12 episodes length: 95 minutes aka: This is the second season of dunking, this is dunking 2
Zhang Ning, this is the second season of dunk
Phase II. Zhang Ning, a player from Peking University, was undoubtedly one who impressed everyone. Although Zhang Ning's ability was recognized by the team leaders, Zhang Ning thought that his performance in this game was not enough to advance, and took the initiative to make a pending requestThis is the second season of dunking. Why didn't Li Lin play in the end
After the match with overseas Chinese University, Li Lin chose to withdraw from the match because of her knee injury, which was agreed by coach wangshipeng. Because it is an old injury with a torn anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee, the situation is complicated. For tThis is dunk 2he sake of physical health and playing well in the future, everyone respects and understands his withdrawalThis is dunk 2 is coming. What are the reasons why I have to watch it this season
The performance of young player Zhang Ning in the program was amazing. Even if he did not enter the CBA, he also gained a lot of fans by virtue of popularity. In addition, Zhu Mingzhen, a mixed race player, was also very strong and was the most favored player by the fans. The second season of "this is the dunk" that fans have been looking forward to is about to startWho do you like in the second season of this This is dunk 2is dunk
Baijingting, after all, bought sneakers for every team memberThis is dunk 2. What's the name of the electric music at the end of each dunk
Basket soul (this is the theme song of dunk) basket soul (Accompaniment)
That's why there are three players in the slam dunk SeasoThis is dunk 2n 2 final
Strength. Although Cao Fang did not enter the NBA, after all, he has participated in the CBA draft, and his strength is still OK. It's not surprising to be in the finals
This is the slam dunk 2 final. Who won
I think China will win... Variety show definitely hopes for a perfect ending!! The strength is sure that Serbia will win, or the opposite team is the second team... Not the main force. After all, this is the dunk is a temporary team
This is dunk 2

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