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Cherry tree of dunk

2022-06-27 15:05Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Slam dunk: true cow in Cherry Blossom RoadDownload File: | the novel attachment of the complete collection of "dunk: Cherry Blossom Road true cow TXT" has been uploaded to Baidu online disk. Cli
Slam dunk: true cow in Cherry Blossom Road
Download File: | the novel attachment of the complete collection of "dunk: Cherry Blossom Road true cow TXT" has been uploaded to Baidu online disk. Click to download for free: content preview: Kan chain
How to analyze the basketball "tactical accomplishment" of Sakuragi flower path in slam dunk master
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, Sakuragi flower path is a sportsman born for basketball. There is no doubt about it. His physical talent is the strongest in the whole workUnder the guidance of Anxi coach high school for three years, how will the Cherry Blossom Road in slam dunk master grow
It is obvious from coach Anxi's appearance when he seriously guides the game that he is very strong in this aspect. If sakuraki learns this, he will be stronger than most of his peers, and even better than Zebei. (4) Sakuragi's physical talent decides that he is the player with the highest limit in slam dunk master. Let's just talk about the physical talent of basketball playersWhat is the strength of Cherry Blossom path in slam dunk master
The first outstanding basketball talent sakuraki has is really terrible. What's more terrible is his basic skills. Sakuraki also learns very fast. He basically goes up witCherry tree of dunkh the rocket. In the three-month race, he added his skill pack from dunk, layup to shooting at a terrible speedThe leading role of slam dunk master sakuraki is arrogant and vicious. Why is the role so successful
In the slam dunk master, there are many arrogant characters. In addition to social gangsters such as iron man and a long, some school students and basketball players are also very flat characters, such as Horita Denan, Feng Yu's nanlie, Kishimoto, ban Cang and so on. However, as the protagonist of the cherry blossom pathWhat happened to the cherry blossom path among the slam dunks
Character profile: the protagonist of the cartoon dunk master. Senior one student of Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa County, one of the main players of Xiangbei basketball team, and a professional power forward. Sakuraki is a simple minded but lovely problem figure. His personality is both straightforward and simple. Sometimes he is innocent like a little childDunk master what are the moments when the cherry blossom path dunk failed
I think these are the moments when the cherry blossom path dunk failed. Sakuragi road ranked fifth in five big defeats. He dunked in front of Akiko Akaki and hit his head on the backboard. As an idiot who doesn't know what basketball is, the first dunk of Sakuragi road is not too embarrassing! On the contrary, Akiko Akaki is very excited about her excellent jumping abilityCherry tree of dunkHow powerful is the cherry blossom path in slam dunk master
The man with the best rebounding ability in the animation slam dunk master is undoubtedly Sakuragi Huadao. We have watched him grow up step by step. He has not only become the mainstay of colleges and universities in Northern Cherry tree of dunkHunan, but also the absolute core of defeating the defending champion Shanwang industry. The two brothers of Hetian both competed for rebounds, but they couldn't compete for Sakuragi roadIn slam dunk master, sakuraki has neither high appearance nor super strength. How does the author portray his protagonist light
The competition with samputai is more about the bold character of Sakuragi flower path and the people who are not afraid of strong players “ Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes ” The spirit of. So it doesn't matter if the ball skills are low. Finally, sakuraki severely used the layman attribute to give Murakami a counterattack. In the animation version, he gave NATO a head slam dunkIn slam dunk master, how strong is the protagonist Sakuragi's ability to resist injury
(4) After Sakuragi dunked, many hard falls didn't hurt him. The best thing about Sakuragi Huadao's physical fitness is that he was knocked down by his opponent from mid air with a foul onCherry tree of dunk several dunks. Hercules like Mu Shenyi and yuzhuchun fell down on Sakuragi once respectively
Cherry tree of dunk

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