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Dunk master Sakuragi Army

2022-06-27 14:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Why do Yohei Mito and others in the "Sakuragi Legion" follow the Sakuragi path "with determinationBecause of the existence of Sakuragi corps, even those who don't know basketball don't
Why do Yohei Mito and others in the "Sakuragi Legion" follow the Sakuragi path "with determination
Because of the existence of Sakuragi corps, even those who don't know basketball don't feel stiff when reading slam dunk master. And the friendship between these good friends who have been accompanying the cherry blossom path from beginning to end is really moving, compared with the partners who save the worldWho are the sakuraki legions among the slam dunks
Youhei Mitou class: Class 7, grade 1 junior high school: introduction to Heguang middle school: Sakuragi flower path is a good friend since childhood, the head of Sakuragi army, and the most handsome one among Sakuragi army. He is good at fighting and often helps sakuraki solve problems. Although he is a bad boy, he is more foreign than Sakuragi andDunk master Sakuragi Army other members of the Sakuragi armyIn slam dunk master, which occupations are more suitable for Sakuragi corps after graduation? How to analyze_ Baidu knows
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, “ Sakuragi army ” As a popular combination, it is a classic character portrayed by the author nobuhiko Inoue, even though it is like Yokohama MitoDoes the "Sakuragi army" in slam dunk master include Sakuragi himself? Ask the great God for help
Included. The combination in the Japanese cartoon "slam dunk master" refers to the four best frienDunk master Sakuragi Armyds of the protagonist Sakuragi road - Yokohama Mito, takeichiro Onoda and TAKAMIYA Wang. Always in a funny way, but very loyal. Between them is the true friendship between menSlam dunk master: if Sakuragi army doesn't arrive in time in the gymnasium event, Sakuragi flower path can be an enemy
Then the moment he opened the door, Akaki came in and closed the door. The story remained the same. But Yangping and others were not there, and they Dunk master Sakuragi Armydidn't know how to end up. As a result, Sakuragi flower path was knocked down, and Mitsui Tienan and others left. Mitsui not only did not return to the basketball team, but the Xiangbei basketball team is also facing dissolution. Slam dunk master is ready to end at any timeIn slam dunk master, how to analyze the strength of five people fighting in the "Sakuragi army"_ Baidu
Of course, for the second time, iron man was an ally, which also showed that Yohei was not a person who kept a grudge, so Yohei Mito should rank second in the Sakuragi army. (2) Sakuragi flower path is the king of fighting in slam dunk master. There is no solution to its strength and explosive power. Sakuragi flower path is the strongest in Sakuragi armyHow much do you know about Sakuragi army among dunk masters
Dunk master is a hot-blooded Japanese animation about basketball. The Sakuragi armDunk master Sakuragi Armyy is the most loyal one. They are sakuraki's best friends and the most lovable people. They seem cynical, always make trouble, and their academic achievements are counted down, but they attach great importance to the word loyaltyWho are the characters in dunk master
Nobuji ohnan: a character in the Japanese cartoon slam dunk master. Xiangbei high school freshman, member of Sakuragi Corps. The hair is yellow. Together with TAKAMIYA Wang and nakajiro noma, they are called "the nerd trio of Heguang middle school". Gao Gongwang: Gao Gongwang is a character in the cartoon slam dunk master and its derivative worksHow to rank the combat effectiveness of Sakuragi army among dunk masters
Another great feature of Sakuragi Corps is that each of them has a strong fighting capacity. They rescued the Xiangbei basketball team together in the Xiangbei gymnasium event, and used their own strength to hold the moment when the Western Coach accepted Mitsui Shou. So "e; Justice is within the range of the cannonWhy did the author divide Yang Ping and Gao Gong into a group when Sakuragi Corps worked on the beach in slam dunk master_ Baidu
Kenji ohnan and Ichiro noma are not only close in strength, but also very common in appearance in slam dunk master. When they form a team together, they are more like a pair of equal partners. They are very matched together. (3) Yangping, as the deputy commander, is more suitable to take Gaogong, the crane tail, from the member status of Sakuragi army
Dunk master Sakuragi Army

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