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2022-06-27 02:06Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What is the biggest rumor about the cartoon dunk masterIn my opinion, the biggest rumor about the animation "slam dunk master" is the prototype character of Sakuragi flower path. Speaking of sla
What is the biggest rumor about the cartoon dunk master
In my opinion, the biggest rumor about the animation "slam dunk master" is the prototype character of Sakuragi flower path. Speaking of slam dunk master, many people must have seen it. The never give up spirit of the leading role Sakuragi flower path has always inspired everyone. As a basketball cartoon, many fans will discuss one thingDunk master
There is only one cartoon: serialized in 1990; Animation: TV version of animation broadcast in 1994: 101 episodes; Theater version: 5 ~~~ -- details -- the comic writer of the slam dunk master, nobuhiko Inoue, disagreed with the animation production company "Dongying" on the outcome and did not reach a consensusAbout slam dunks
The following is what I think is good-looking 1 The birth of dunk master 27 Prodigal son turns back 35 Keep the oath 54 Brother Kong 59 The final result is 82 Layman Cherry Blossom path gives full play to his skills 84 Win or lose 100 Cherry Blossom path 101 Glorious dunk note (the previous serial number is the number of episodes per episode)
What is the biggest rumor about dunk master
Many people think that the model of the cherry blossom path is Rodman. Except that his hard work on the court has nothing in common with that red hair, how can I say it? Look at the data: 1. The cartoon was created in 90-96. In the slam dunk mastAbout slam dunkser's prequel like red, the cherry blossom path is red hair. Rodman's red hair was after he joined the bull in 1996Do the characters in slam dunk master have archetypes? Who are they
For example, in the first game, my eyes only have a little perspective, and I can't see far. When I'm nervous, I always make a big shot. Cherry Blossom path is the leading role of a slam dunk master. He has an iconic red hair. He has excellent physical quality, strong athletic ability and is also quite crazy. Rodman, nicknamed big bug, was selected by the pistons in 1986What do you think about the slam dunk expert who will make aAbout slam dunks movie
I am looking forward to the fact that the slam dunk master will make a movie. All the understanding of basketball is probably inspired by this cartoon. Any boy who loves playing basketball is the yearning of girls in the 1980s and 1990s for youth. Although it has been determined that it will be made into a theatrical version, it did not specify which stAbout slam dunksory to shootGuan Xuan, the big film slam dunk master, which generation of youth memories does this film carry
Watching the cartoon that I used to like make a big movie made the audience very excited and said that I must go to the cinema to watch the movie. So about the official announcement of the big film slam dunk masterDunk master
HowevAbout slam dunkser, many years have passed, and those teenagers who were nostalgic for the campus years of Xiangbei high school have grown up. When the memory of slam dunk master is fading away, people are surprised to find that there is a long lost red on the horizon, which is the hair of Cherry Blossom pathAbout animation dunk master
The failure to make the animation is just that Inoue and Dongying, who made the animation of slam dunk masters, have a contradiction. Inoue is dissatisfied with Dongying's animation of slam dunk masters. Later works have also satirized it. There are also claims that there is a contradiction in the price. In short, neither of them has said the specific reasonWhat are the regrettable plots of dunk master
I feel the following regrets. Classic slam dunk masters are still talked about by many anime lovers after such a long time. Xiangbei defeated queen Shan, was defeated by the college with a big score, and finally stopped in the top 16. Although you can leave with a swagger and become the uncrowned king, it is regrettable
About slam dunks

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