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Dunk clip still full of memories now

2022-06-27 00:19Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What is the most exciting episode of slam dunkSlam dunk master is a very classic animation in the early days, and it is still full of memories now. When it comes to the most exciting plot, I think the
What is the most exciting episode of slam dunk
Slam dunk master is a very classic animation in the early days, and it is still full of memories now. When it comes to the most exciting plot, I think the most exciting plot in the whole animation plot is that the plot that nearly loses every basketball game is the most exciting when it comes to winning. Of course, there are many such plotsThe most classic clip of a dunk master
Mitsui: "coach, I want to play basketball." (before sakuraki's last appearance in Dunk clip  still full of memories nowthe national competition) sakuraki said to Kiyoko, "I like playing basketball. This time, itDunk clip  still full of memories now's definitely not a lie." Your favorite basketball is still waiting for you
Classic clip of slam dunk master
Sakuragi, the cooperation of Liuchuan Mountain King! The outbreak of Mitsui and other classic clips are too many. It depends on your personal preference~
A sentence describing a dunk
I saw that he firmly grasped the basketball with both hands, and the basketball seemed to be spiritual. Everything was ready at will. With one step of the left foot, the whole body soars into the air, and the blue jersey floats up, just like an immortal. "Bang hall", the ball slammed into the basketA slam dunk expert. Which episode does sakuraki dunk after receiving a pass from Liuchuan Feng
Let me give you an answer. The first one is about 10 minutes to 12 minutes in the final stage of the 19th level practice match against Lingnan. Liuchuan Feng looked back and passed it to sakuraki. Sakuraki began to want to dunk, but heard the name called by Qingzi and thought of the layup of civiliansWhat are the most exciting plots of dunk master
Slam dunk master, as a sports film, has a lot of competition pictures, and naturally there are many exciting plots. The most exciting scenes in slam dunk master also appear in the three most important competitions for Northern Hunan, namely, the competitions between Northern Hunan and Hainan, Northern Hunan and Lingnan, and Northern Hunan and ShanwangHow many points did Cherry Blossom path get in slam dunk master? In which segments did you score
In episode 19, I got 2 points in the practice match with Lingnan. Sakuragi (さくらぎはな〛ち; hanamichi Sakuragi), the hero of the comic book slam dunk master and its derivative works. Senior one student of Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa County, one of the main players of Xiangbei basketballDunk clip  still full of memories now team, and a professional power forwardSlam dunk master this classic cartoon is the memory of many people. There are a lot of funny clips in it
The gorilla endured the severe pain in his ankle and still wanted to play in spite of dissuasion. "Even if his foot is broken, it doesn't matter. This is my chance to catch it."
What is the English in the middle of the slam dunk master
If it means Chinese, see below. If you want to ask the meaning I think it's just a few words at halftime. Supplement: the earliest, for example, Episode 1: Hi guys, the first part of slamdunk is fun, isn&\39; t it? That' s play with it. The first part of the slam dunk was funWhat causes Xiangyang to cry among slam dunks
Introduction: what are the reasons for Xiangyang's tears among slam dunks? Which part of the dunk master's story is impressive? Let's get to know Xiaobian! Highlights sakuraki has made remarkable progress under the guidance of Caizi, but after seeing Liuchuan's popularity among girls, she is more and more jealous of LiuchDunk clip  still full of memories nowuan. Anxi
Dunk clip still full of memories now

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