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2022-06-26 19:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What are the differences between dunk master cartoon and TV versionAnswer: the ending of slam dunk is that the 31st comic book was eliminated by Aihe college after defeating Shanwang. one's blood b
What are the differences between dunk master cartoon and TV version
Answer: the ending of slam dunk is that the 31st comic book was eliminated by Aihe college after defeating Shanwang. one's blood boils with indignation! Slam dunk has no animated version of the national competition. The animated version has only been published in 101 episodes (i.e. the county competition is over). In addition, nobuhiko Inoue has Slam dunk comicnot published the second part of slam dunkHow many volumes of slam dunk master cartoons
The slam dunk master comic book has 31 volumes in total, the full version has 24 volumes in total, and the new version has 20 volumes. TheSlam dunk comicre is no difference in content among the three. The booklet was released when the slam dunk master serialized it, with a total of 31 volumes. Later, after the slam dunk masters finished, the Jiying society released a full version in 2012, with 24 volumes in total. And
What is the difference between dunk master cartoon and animation
1. The cartoon version made up a story of Xiangyang & Lingnan vs Xiangbei after the final qualifying match against Lingnan, but the cartoon version did not have 2 During the special training of the flower path, I went to the flower fire festival with sunny son, which is also not available in the cartoon. 3 When Northern Hunan played against Sanpu platform, it was not ITO tieye who hit the slam dunk of hanadoDunk master cartoon Baidu cloud
Dunk expert Baidu onlSlam dunk comicine disk free resources download: link: Extraction code: eiur "slam dunk master" is a Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketballHow to evaluate the ending of the comic and animated version of slam dunk master
I haven't seen so many for monthsWhat is the ending of dunk master cartoon
Slam dunk expert - ending cartoon ending: 31 comic books. Finally, Xiangbei defeated the former national champion Shanwang team in the second round of the national competition and entered the third round. However, due to excessive physical exertion in the war with Shanwang and sakuraki's back injury, he was unable to participate in the comSlam dunk comicpetition, so he was defeated miserably. This is the end of the national competition in XiangbeiWhat does the dunk master comic sequel say
At the end of the series of dunk master, there was the word "the first part is finished", so the expectation of the second part of dunk master was much higher than the expectation of the animated national competition. Fortunately, we already knew the plot of the animated national competition, but we didn't know the plot of the second partIs the slam dunk comic finished
It's over long ago ~ ~ ~ the comic book author of the slam dunk master, nobuhiko Inoue, disagreed with the animation production company "toying" about the ending and did not reach a consensus. So far, the national competition has only a comic version, but no animation version ~ ~ ~ the slam dunk master created by nobuhiko Inoue is referred to as SD for shortHow do you evaluate the historical status of slam dunk master comics and animation
This should be the best affirmation for the cartoon of dunk master. He is a benchmark work on basketball and even sports. The degree to which an enduring masterpiece evaluates a work in history, in addition to the sales volume, audience rating, box office, derivatives around the work and other data indicators. I think the characterization of the storyThere are two versions of dunk master comics. Is there any difference
No difference. The 31 copies were the pamphlets issued when the slam dunk masters were serialized. There were 31 copies in total. After the slam dunk masters were finished, the Jiyingshe reprinted and released the 24 full edition in 2012. The content of the two is exactly the same. Except for these two versions
Slam dunk comic

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