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Sunspot's basketball dunk master compared with dunk Master

2022-06-26 16:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: ... Basketball, why is "slam dunk master" praised, while "sunspot's Basketball" criticized and insulted basketballCompared with slam dunk master, sunspot's basketball is very unprofe
... Basketball, why is "slam dunk mastSunspot's basketball dunk master  compared with dunk Masterer" praised, while "sunspot's Basketball" criticized and insulted basketball
Compared with slam dunk master, sunspot's basketball is very unprofessional. Many basketball skills are wrong. After reading it, you find that you haven't learned any basketball knowledge except those cool Superman skills. Don't be discouraged. It's normal. Because the author himself is a basketball blind"Slam dunk master" and "sunspot's Basketball" are both talking about basketball. Which is better
In slam dunk master, male No. 2 Liuchuan Feng can be said to be one of the most popular roles. His handsome appearance and superb ball skills Sunspot's basketball dunk master  compared with dunk Masterare deeply loved by girls both inside and outside the works. In the plot, Liuchuan Feng always regards xiandaozhang, the ace of Lingnan team, as his goal, and always wants to defeat him, only"Slam dunk master" is praised by many people. Why is "sunspot's Basketball" criticized and insulted by basketball
Secondly, there is a lack of professional knowledge about basketball in the cartoon. In the whole cartoon, the process of sunspot's basketball playing is probably to exchange one big move for anotherWhich is better, sunspot's basketball or dunk master
"Sunspot basketball" and "slam dunk master" are both representatives of basketball animation, not only in the basketball field, but also in all ball animation. But as the saying goes, "two tigers are not allowed in one mountain". Which one is more classic, sunspot's basketball or dunk master? Let's have a look. There is no proofWhich one is better than "slam dunk master"
I don't know basketball shoes at all, but I remember sakuraki's pair of handsome and explosive aj1 black and red. In the future, all clothes with digital patterns only recognize Red Size 10. Personally, I think "slam dunk master" looks better, although I haven't seen "sunspot's Basketball"! Watching slam dunk master happened to be in the reading periodWhich work is better than sunspot's basketball and slam dunk master
In 2012, an animation called "basketball of sunspots" began to be updated on major websites. For three consecutive seasons, each season was full of enthusiasm. However, I always felt that there was something missing in the setting of the animation. I didn't understand until I started to make up for "slam dunk master"... It's a baskeSunspot's basketball dunk master  compared with dunk Mastertball theme. Why is slam dunk master a classic and sunspot's basketball criticized
The main reason is that "slam dunk master" is more realistic and more respectful of basketball. Although the plot of "slam dunk master" also exaggerates the ability of Japanese high school basketball players, at least we can say that even if Japanese high school students can't use those basketball skills, at least professional athletes can use themWith basketball as the theme, why "Sunspot's basketball dunk master  compared with dunk Masterdunk master" has a better reputation than "sunspot's Basketball"
"Slam dunk master" has no better reputation than "sunspot's Basketball", and the sales volume is the most favorable evidenceWhich works of "sunspot's Basketball" and "slam dunk master" are more in line with your understanding of basketball animation
However, many unreasonable action scenes in the animation do not look like basketball players' normal playing postures. Therefore, many technical details of slam dunk master are depicted by static scenes. If fans look carefully, they will find that the athletes' eyes are constantly turning and thinking when the time is suspendedIs "sunspot's Basketball" an animation to replace slam dunk masters
It's like Nine Tailed Naruto giving his teammates chakras. After watching the slam dunk master, you may be tempted to play basketball, but after watching the sunspot's basketball, you won't have any fluctuations, that is, you have an eye addiction. So I don't think "sunspot's Basketball" is an animation to replace "slam dunk master"
Sunspot's basketball dunk master compared with dunk Master

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