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Sunspots and dunks

2022-06-26 15:05Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Which is better, sunspot's basketball or dunk master"Sunspot basketball" and "slam dunk master" are both representatives of basketball animation, not only in the basketball field, but a
Which is better, sunspot's basketball or dunk master
"Sunspot basketball" and "slam dunk master" are both representatives of basketball animation, not only in the basketball field, but also in all ball animation. But as the saying goes, "two tigers are not allowed in one mountain". Which one is more classic, sunspot's basketball or dunk master? Let's have a look. There is no proofWhy is "sunspot's Basketball" so popular? What are the differences between this cartoon and slam dunk master
How can some people tell me whether the black basSunspots and dunksket is an interesting book? I can respond decisively, but if I ask whether the black basket is a traditional sport, I think it is not easy for me to respond so undoubtedly. Compared with sunspot's basketball, slam dunk is a native sport"Slam dunk master" and "sunspot's Basketball" are both talking aSunspots and dunksbout basketball. Which is better
In slam dunk master, male No. 2 Liuchuan Feng can be said to be one of the most popular roles. His handsome appearance and superb ball skills are deeply loved by girls both inside and outside the works. In the plot, Liuchuan Feng always regards xiandaozhang, the ace of Lingnan team, as his goal, and always wants to defeat him, onlyWhich work is better than sunspot's basketball and slam dunk master
As for the comparison between slam dunk and sunspot, the most acceptable one is to wait for the sunspot cartoon to break the 100 million yuan mark. The most acceptable comparison is not a product of the same era, and there is no comparability at all. However, we may all hope to become the same people as Sakuragi flower path after reading slam dunk master, but who do you want to be in the sunspotIt's the same basketball. Why are slam dunks so different from sunspots' basketball
Everyone in dunk master is our favorite. Cherry Blossom path and Liuchuan maple are the male gods in our childhood and the prince charming in the hearts of girls. In fact, there is also an animation about basketball. This animation is "sunspot's Basketball". Maybe many friends haven't heard of itWhich works of "sunspot's Basketball" and "slam dunk master" are more in line with your understanding of basketball animation
In the cartoon version of sunspot's basketball, the athletes' actions are completely coherent and normal, and the visual effect is gorgeous. This is in sharp contrast to slam dunk master, which is more like a product of the era of Robo cat. The characters in the Q version are closer to perfectionWhich one is better than "slam dunk master"
I don't know basketball shoes at all, but I remember sakuraki's pair of handsome and explosive aj1 black and red. In the future, all clothes with diSunspots and dunksgital patterns only recognize Red Size 10. Personally, I think "slam dunk master" looks better, although I haven't seen "sunspot's BasketballSunspots and dunks"! Watching slam dunk master happened to be in the reading periodIt is also a basketball theme. Why is slam dunk master a classic and sunspot's basketball criticized_ Baidu
As for sunspot basketball, I personally believe that the modeling of the role is distinguished by color and skin color. If the hair style and color are removed, many characters have the same face. The difference between painters and dunks is not a little (this does not mean that sunspot's basketball is not good, but it's just that compared with dunks, it's really not suitable, and you can taste it carefully
How to evaluate the two cartoons about basketball, slam dunk master and sunspot's basketball
If we are going to make an animated film now, which can attract a large group of 30-year-old men to rush for tickets, I believe it must be "slam dunk master"! In which era can dunk be called a classic, the plot and painting style are first-class, but also interspersed with basketball knowledge explanation. Sunspots are obviously more scene orientedTake "dunk master" and "sunspot's Basketball" as a comparison. Which one is more classic
Answer: of course, it's a slam dunk master. A slam dunk master is the dream of a generation. It's a classic that wins all youth through hard work and sweat. This classic can't be compared again
Sunspots and dunks

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