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Dunk expert coach Anxi

2022-06-26 14:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What position does coach Anxi play in the basketball team in slam dunk master? How to analyzeFrom the fact that he never shot again and was able to win Sakuragi in training, we can also know the shoot
What position does coach AnDunk expert coach Anxixi play in the basketball team in slam dunk master? How to analyze
From the fact that he never shot again and was able to win Sakuragi in training, we can also know the shooting strength of ansey's father in those years. The soft feel is not the center or the front. Maple King's conclusion coach Anxi, as a mysterious figure in slam dunk master, usually just laughsIn slam dunk master, why is coach Anxi so opposed to Liuchuan Feng playing professionally in the United States_ Baidu
In general, coach Anxi is afraid that in the United States where individualism is obvious (referring to the situation of animation dunk Masters), Liuchuan Maple will be unable to move, and finally drown out his personal talents. That's a pity. Coach Anxi has such a worry because something happened before, which is the eternal pain in his heartIn slam dunk master, coach Anxi said what is sakuraki's real talent
In slam dunk master, coach Anxi said that sakuraki's real talent is that he can use his strong energy in basketball, score goals quickly, block others' resistance, and go all the way in the game. The head coaches of the two teams are also the strongest in the slam dunk master. For the time being, regardless of the brilliant level of their strategic game, onlyIn slam dunk master, is it reasonable for coach Anxi to use the "fight chicken blood" tactics in the game
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze theDunk expert coach Anxi deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In dunk master, coach Anxi is a very thought-provoking coach. His command art is somewhat elusive. He has created many classic moments of turning over the disadvantage with tactics, butWhy is coach ansey respected by other coaches
I think coach Anxi of slam dunk master is respected by other coaches because of his high qualifications. As a former Japanese basketball player, this background is not the key factor. The key is that he is a famous basketball coach in the University. In the Japanese campus basketball game, the supervision of the team is a full-time staff, that is to sayIn dunk master, where did coach ansey play when he was a player
An unfathomable figure among the slam dunks. He used to be a basketball player representing Japan. After retirement, he became a coach of the university basketball team. In a junior high school basketball final, junior high school MVP Mitsui was encouraged by coach Anxi to cheer up, and Dunk expert coach Anxireversed the unfavorable situation, winning against defeat, so he became the most admired person of MitsuiCoach ansey is respected in slam dunk master. What are his outstanding abilities
They are coaches of the high school basketball team. Coach Anxi used to be the coach of the college basketball team. He put himself on the high school team. At the beginning, Guze's incident changed coach Anxi a lot. The white haired horse became white haired. Outsiders don't know what happenedIn dunk master, do you think coach ansey is incompetent? Why
Miyagi has a target. Of course, pDunk expert coach Anxieople always have two sides. Akaki once defeated himself. Sakuraki is not annoying. Liuchuan is a master fan. Mitsui is inspirational. Miyagi is very romantic. However, it is always strange to have such a role set. I always feel that he is missing something. He is coach anseyIn slam dunk master, does coach Anxi prefer Cherry Blossom path or Liuchuan Maple
Everyone can see that coach Anxi loves the cherry blossom path, but don't forget that maple Liuchuan is also the genius in coach Anxi's heart and his apprentice. It's just two people, one is tissue paper, the other is a beautiful picture that must be decorated. The future is full of outstanding talents who he personally debugged for Japanese basketballCompared with Mitsui Shou and others in slam dunk master, why is coach Anxi the real Redeemer_ Baidu
His heart was completely blackened, and he even committed the evil act of smashing the Xiangbei basketball team, which made everyone think that he was the most degenerate person in the slam dunk master, much worse than the fighting king sakuraki and Feng Yu's nanlie. But the most depraved man in dunk master should not be Mitsui, but his mentor, coach ANSI
Dunk expert coach Anxi

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