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This is the dunk list including his name

2022-06-26 14:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: List of Green Feng's players in the slam dunk masterFrom his appearance, he has a yellow hair style, blue eyes, including his name. I guess he should be a Japanese American hybrid. He is 192cm tall
List of Green Feng's players in the slam dunk master
From his appearance, he has a yellow hair style, blue eyes, including his name. I guess he should be a Japanese AmeThis is the dunk list  including his namerican hybrid. He is 192cm tall and 85kg strong. He has comprehensive skills, strong strength, fast speed and outstanding bounce. He is like an enhanced version of a mu. He has strong breakthrough ability and dunks whenever he has the opportunity. He is flashyInformation about all slam dunks
Dunk master is a very classic animation, which is the evaluation of people who have seen the dunk It contains a lot of basketball knowledge, and the big cake face has probably become popular since then. Often some people are basketball Xiaobai or have no interest in basketball before watching it And after watching the dunkThe lineup of "this is dunk 4" was released. Which guests did the program team invite
With the completion and broadcasting of some film and television dramas, there is no idleness here. After the official announcement of "this is street dance" that Wangyibo, Zhang Yixing and liuxianhua joined the variety, the audience's eagerly awaited "this is dunk 4" also welcomed the good newsIs this the list of the top 60 dunks
Answer: This is the dunk. Look at the introduction
This is dunk 2 is coming. What are the reasons why I have to watch it this season
The second season of this is the dunk, which the fans have been looking forward to, is about to start. After seeing the coaching team, the fans have expressed that they must pursue the whole season. Just look at the list of the coaching team. They are Wade, nickyang, wangshipeng and Sun Yue. Compare the first season coaching teamList of names of characters in slam dunk Masters
12 classic roles in slam duThis is the dunk list  including his namenk master 1 The cherry blossom path has inspired countless basketball youngsters' hot-blooded men, who have no basis and are 100% confident! Height: 188CM weight: 83kg School: Xiangbei high school characteristics: naive and simple, abnormal bounce and extraordinary basketball smell
This is the slam dunk 3 official announced that Zhou Qi "shouted" at Wang Shipeng. Does Deng Lun want to join them_ Baidu
In addition to the official publicity poster, "this is the dunk", the official wechat also issued a document saying: “ Passion years, sweat on the court, for youth, go to the team! The third season will arrive as scheduled. Please look forward to it& rdquo; It also announced the name list of the proposed goddess team leaders Naiwan, jinzihan, xuyiyang, Zhu Zhuai, and officially announced three resident star coachesDo the characters in slam dunk master have archetypes? Who are they
In an interview, nobuhiko Inoue did admit that the playing style of the characters in slam dunk master is a reference to the reality prototype. Some of the characters, nobuhiko Inoue, also made it clear who they referred to. In addition to the comparison and speculation of SD fans, we worked together to sort out an accurate list. Mitsui's prototype in the lThis is the dunk list  including his nameast century I think is Reggie Miller, in active serviceWhat is the list of dunk master roles
Introduce: an unfathomable figure in dunk, he used to be the coach of college basketball team, and won the title of white haired devil for his severity. A student could not bear his training and went to the United States. Finally, he died in a foreign land, which made him This is the dunk list  including his namequit college basketball and become a white haired BuddhaWho are the players of Xiangbei team who are the top dunks
Among the dunk experts, the list of the first players of Xiangbei team is generally: Akagi Gangxian, Sakuragi flower path, Liuchuan maple, Miyagi Liangtai and Mitsui Shou. The chief substitute is Komiyama Mumu, and there are also many unattractive characters as substitutes, such as Yasuda Jingchun, Kawasaki philosopher, kokuda Wu, Ishii jiantaro, and so on
This is the dunk list including his name

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