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Invincible guard of dunk expert Liuchuan fengxiandao can also

2022-06-26 05:17Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: I want to find some novels about the past reborn slam dunk masters. The protagonists should be very handsome, and Liuchuan fengxiandao can alsoThe invincible guard of the slam dunk expert (the younger
I want to find some novels about the past reborn slam dunk masters. The protagonists should be very handsome, and Liuchuan fengxiandao can also
The invincible guard of the slam dunk expert (the younger brother of Fuji zhenjiansi is in Northern Hunan), the brilliant slam dunk expert (seems to be Shanwang's), I am Akagi Gangxian (this has 143 chapters), the invincible youth of the slam dunk (Miyagi Yoshida, about 300 chapters), Mitsui Shou of the slam dunk, I am Mitsui Shou of the slam dunk, and the only Mitsui Shou of the slam dunkHow to analyze who can be selected in the 12 players selected from Kanagawa in slam dunk master_ Baidu
The shooting guard is mainly divided by two triads, and breaks through the special joint defense of the other side at the critical moment (1) Mitsui Shoushou can overcome his physical defects because of his strong army. The shooting guard in slam dunk master is relatively average, and only Zhuxing Da is a super master. Mitsui should be selected as the most versatile player in the shooting guard positionWho is the best defensive player in slam dunk
I think the best point guard is mu Shenyi. He is tall and powerful. There are few point guards with his size. It is estimated that there is no one who can match him in the whole slam dunk master. Take the battle between Northern Hunan and Hainan as an example. Once the pastoral gentry had the advantage of height and strength, it was difficult for Miyagi to break through himWho are the most capable people in dunk master
There are many talented players in slam dunk master, including the old generation of overlords such as Yashi Kawada, Rongji Zebei, and Mu Shen, as well as rising stars such as Mori chongkuan, maple Liuchuan, and cherry blossom path. Let's talk about the five strongest people in my heartSlam dunk guy wants hero to finish novel
I am Jincun who dunked the basket (in the cartoon, I am a dragon suit, and I joined Northern Hunan)Who do you think are the strongest of the five positions in dunk master? Why
Compared with shooting guards who need to constantly attack from the outside, small forwards are more versatile. They can organize, defend, take three points from the outside, cut from the inside or grab the backboard for a second attack. A strong small forward can be said to be omnipotent. At present, according to the description of dunk masters, Liuchuan Feng is the most consistent with the concept of small forward. He just wants to connectSlam dunk master what is the reason why such a powerful emperor Mu has been covered up in the country_ Baidu
This kind of character setting is not consistent with Japanese basketball in the 1990s. Although we can't accurately find the archetypal character that Mu Shinichi has referred to in the American NBA, it is obvious that nobiko Inoue has embedded this American guard playing method into the slam dunk master. The 184cm tall shepherd Shen Yi is in addition to the fairylandThere are fellow slam dunks, Liuhua is in a hurry
Email has been sent because there is an attachment, it may be received a little lateWho are the strongest people in slam dunk
In fact, it is difficult to select the three strongest individuals in the slam dunk master. There are two reasons: first, the classic cartoon slam dunk master has a very successful portrayal of characters. Many characters are very attractive, which will affect the judgment of their objective strength. Of course, this is not very importantSlam dunk master invincible guard novel TXT complete works free download
The novel attachment of the complete set of the slaInvincible guard of dunk expert  Liuchuan fengxiandao can alsom dunk expert invincible guard TXT has been uploaded to Baidu online disk. Click to download it for free: content preview: I don't know why I can't find it. I have always liked competitive books. When I wrote them myself, I found that I lacked the writing ability in this field. I thought it over for a long time and stopped. Close the door and think about it... If nothing happens, March
Invincible guard of dunk expert Liuchuan fengxiandao can also

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