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This is the slam dunk cartoon

2022-06-26 00:34Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What is the ending of dunk master cartoonSlam dunk expert - ending cartoon ending: 31 comic books. Finally, Xiangbei defeated the former national champion Shanwang team in the second round of the nati
What is the ending of dunk master cartoon
Slam dunk expert - ending cartoon ending: 31 comic books. Finally, Xiangbei defeated the former national champion Shanwang team in the second round of the national competition and entered the third round. However, due to excessive physical exertion in the war with Shanwang and sakuraki's back injury, he was unable to participate in the competition, so he was defeated miserably. This is the end of the national competition in XiangbeiThere are two versions of dunk master comics. Is there any difference
No difference. The 31 copies were the pamphlets issued when the slam dunk masters were serialized. There were 31 copies in total. After the slam dunk masters were finished, the Jiyingshe reprinted and released the 24 full edition in 2012. The content of the two is exactly the same. Except for these two versionsSlam dunk master: what would you expect if the cartoon continued
Because he believes that people who really like slam dunk masters must have a reluctant attitude when looking at the comics in the next ten days. The scenes on the blackboard are equivalent to their youth. So Mr Inoue said he would not protect or chargeHow do you evaluate the historical status of slam dunk master comics and animation
This should be the best affirmation for the cartoon of dunk master. He is a benchmark work on basketball and even sports. The degree to which an enduring masterpiece evaluates a work in history, in addition to the sales volume, audience rating, box office, derivatives around the work and other data indicators. I think the characterization of the storySlam dunk master: has this cartoon changed Japanese basketball
Besides, fans of those cartoons will certainly have some love for basketball. In the view of insomnia bacteria, even Chinese people of our generation are influenced by slam dunks, fell in love with basketball, and then learned the spirit of basketball. We learned the unity spirit of the five tigers in Northern HunanWhat is the cartoon of the national slam dunk contest
Mitsui stayed to participate in the winter games. Miyagi became the new captain. Sakuraki seemed to join the Japanese This is the slam dunk cartoonyouth team in Liuchuan, sanatorium. Kiyoko joined the basketball club and worked with Caizi as a manager. It seems that others are still like that. N read cartoons a long time ago. I remember so much, but the ending seems to be almost the sameHow many dunk master comics are there
The slam dunk expert created by Yan is called SD for short. It has 31 volumes in total (5 copies are usually sold in the form of four in one piracy in the mainland). Of them, 1-22 volumes are made into animation, that is, the 101 episodes of animation we saw on TV. The remaining 23-31 volumes, that is, the so-called national competition, have not been made into animation. Therefore, if we want to see it, we can only read comicsAbout < Dunk master > This classic cartoon
Everyone should be right about < Dunk master > This cartoon is very familiar. I still think it is a very classic cartoon (including Naruto, hunter, death note, chess soul, etc. Although there are complete comic books, there are only 101 episodes of animation, and the last one is with Shanwang Gonggao
Let's talk about how to evaluate the cartoon slam dunk master
In my opinion, the whole dunk master cartoon is his own growth process. In the later stage, the skillful use of split mirrors and action expression, such as the final kill part of the mountain king war, are full of tension. The perfection of the painting makes every word superfluous. The animation fully reflects this, not only the perfection of the character settingIs this the slam dunk good? How about the evaluation
"TThis is the slam dunk cartoonhis is dunk", from the name we can This is the slam dunk cartoonsee thatThis is the slam dunk cartoon this is a variety show for basketball fans. During the period when various phenomenon level variety shows appeared frequently in China, a program specially designed for basketball was like a clear stream, shooting some pseudo sports variety shows on the beach. As a "teenager" who loves basketball
This is the slam dunk cartoon

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