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Hot blood dunk deep Restore Classic

2022-06-25 15:03Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: How to collect players' equipment"Hot blood dunk" is a card game based on classic comics. With the hot blood Youth Animation "dunk master" as the background, it deeply restores classic
How to collect players' equipment
"Hot blood dunk" is a card game based on classic comics. With the hot blood Youth Animation "dunk master" as the background, it deeply restores classic teams and classic characters. Equipment is very important for players. Let's see how to get equipment in the gameBig dunk of hot blood basketball
That is the exclusive slam dunk of PF. If you buy this skill and unlimited slam dunk, you can press f to send it. However, there is only a certain probability, not every timeHow to put the dunk of hot blood basketball
Haha, I'm a hot-blooded expert. Now let's talk about hot-blooded basketball. After careful research, I found that as long as I run with the ball for 4 steps and press the shooting basket, I can stand and shoot. In addition, the master of the monk team has hidden time to hit people. It seems that he is holding a box or a stone and running for a few steps and pressing "down" and "a" without letting goWhat happens when a super power sunspot bHot blood dunk  deep Restore Classicasketball meets a hot-blooded dunk master
The slam dunk masters are more powerful. The two pictures feel like the strength and playing style of the physical confrontation between the NBA in the 1990s and the NBA slam dunk masters now. The style gives people the feeling that the basketball that resembles the NBA sunspot in the 1990s has more skills than the NBA nowHow do you fill the top basket with hot blood basketball
How to use the unique skill of hot blooded basketball dunk: when no one is watching you, jump up with the ball (a+b key). After jumping up, press (↑) and (B key) - that is, the key for shooting. Remember not to release (↑) and (B key). When your man lands on the ground, he will naturally rotate the ball and fly to the highest basket, and you willFC simulation game hot blood basketball dunk is what? You'd better tell me what to do
However, of all the characters, only four can master this skill, including Guofu (Guofu) and Li (LI) of the hot-blooded dunk hero team, Guofu (LI) of the New York team and Guofu (LI) of the U.S. Navy team. 6: The Florida team has a special function, mental strength? He can pick up things on the courtHow to make a super dunk in a hot blooded basketball game
Press J 100% immediately to slam dunk. Press J all the time under the basket. Press WSWs is the highest ad. Haiji Fenke e Jiufeng Xunfu is the lowest. You can also dunk under your basket.Hot blood dunk  deep Restore Classic Only 2 places can fly very hiHot blood dunk  deep Restore Classicgh ~ ~ adopt me, the great God of FC blood basketballHow to dunk a hot blooded basketball
Jump once, press and hold "up" when landing, and then jump. The style is determined according to the actions of each team. The first team turned 360 degrees. If you don't understand, ask me again. I'm very interested in playing hot blood games
How to dunk a hot blooded basketball in TVgame
First, jump on the cross print under the basketball frame (note that the jump button must not be loosened, but must be pressed all the time). When falling down (hanging in mid air without landing), press the ↑ key, and the character will jump up very high, as high as three baskets (at this time, the jump button can be loosened). This is a high-altitude dunkHow to add a ball in a Hot blood dunk  deep Restore Classichot-blooded dunk
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Hot blood dunk deep Restore Classic

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