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Slam dunk expert voice actor my favorite

2022-06-24 23:18Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Some people know comic TV < Dunk master > Who is the Mandarin dubbing of maple NakagawaLiuchuan Feng's Chinese voice actor is guanzhihong's favorite. He is almost dedicated to the voiceove
Some people know comic TV < Dunk master > Who is the Mandarin dubbing of maple Nakagawa
Liuchuan Feng's Chinese voice actor is guanzhihong'sSlam dunk expert voice actor  my favorite favorite. He is almost dedicated to the voiceover of beautiful young people who are indifferent. The voice line is gorgeous and beautiful, showing a noble temperament. Touch: Akio Shinda, takataro MatsushitaWhose voice actor is Kazuhiko Inoue among the slam dunks
LZ is wrongWho is the character of the dunk master? Details
Mrs. Anxi (voice actor: Takagi Zaomiao), the wife of Slam dunk expert voice actor  my favoritecoach Anxi, once enlightened Liuchuan Feng about coach Anxi's decision not to let him play in the United States. The role of Dr. t in explaining the basketball rules and terms in this workThe main characters and materials in the cartoon slam dunk masteSlam dunk expert voice actor  my favoriter? Everybody help write it
An unfathomable figure among the slam dunks. He used to be a basketball player representing Japan. After retirement, he became a basketball team coach of a university. He won the title of white haired ghost for his severity. Tanizawa is a promising student, so coach ANSI wants to train him to be the first student in JapanWho is the voice actor of Liuchuan Feng in slam dunk master
Mr. greenstream, a Japanese male voice actor, belongs to the junior production. He made his debut in 1988. Representative animation roles: Maple Liuchuan in slam dunk master, Hiro juer in new mobile warfare up to W, ghost lodge in not thinking about game, Luo Jinglan in the story of the colorful cloud Kingdom and Liu Feng in separated soldiersWho is the voice of "xiandaozhang" in the Japanese dunk master? What an attractive voice
Japanese senior male voice actor, actor and storyline aside. Born in Okayama Prefecture, he now belongs to crazy box's "big air wing of the football player" - Maeda SEI's "Beidou Shenquan" - kazuka kazuka, David and soldier aWho is the voice actor of Akiko Akaki among the slam dunk masters, and what are her other representative works
Slam dunk expert - akamu Qingzi exploration and investigation academy Q - big bird, true bow, mechanical Goddess - Cranberry arrest warrant - Xiaozao, Sichuan Meixing, hacking time and space - BT huayoujing waitress team - sword, beautiful girl warrior R - bright - Zhibo Sky Crane color dream Ballet - shocking crisis - ruo caiyangzi fireWhat's the name of the man who voiced Sakuragi flower path among the slam dunks
His representative works are hot-blooded young characters such as Tenax in the "seven dragon balls" series and the cherry blossom path in the "slam dunk master". There are also many roles playing combat roles. He has organized a tennis hobby meeting with other sound actors such as Shengping Yamaguchi, Yamazaki, Jianai and Lin YuanhuiWho is the voice of the character in the slam dunk master
Slam dunk expert (Taiwan Mandarin voiceover) foreman Yu Zhengsheng yingmu Yu Zhengsheng Qingzi Wang Zhongxuan Liuchuan Feng official Zhihong Chimu David Hu Xiandao in Huashan Palace City, Caizi, Zhengchang Yangping Yu Zhengsheng Yan first official Zhihong Tiangang coach Guan Zhihong Anta Yu Zhengsheng TenSlam dunk expert voice actor  my favoriteg Zhenjian Si hezhiwei Mitsui David Hu QingA list of top slam dunks
The Mandarin voiceover is as follows: yingmu Yu Zhengsheng, Qingzi, Wang Zhongxuan, Liuchuan Fengguan Zhihong, Chimu Hu, David, the immortal path, Caizi, Huashan Palace City, Zhengchang Yangping, Zhengsheng Yan, Zhihong, the first official, Tian Gang, coach, guanzhihong, an Tian, Teng Zhenjian, Zhengsheng, hezhiwei, Mitsui, David, qingtianxin, officer, Zhihong
Slam dunk expert voice actor my favorite

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