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Flower path of dunk

2022-06-24 13:04Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What happened to the cherry blossom path among the slam dunksSlam dunk master is a Japanese cartoonist yoshihihiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketball. It was serializ
What happened to the cherry blossom path among the slam dunks
Slam dunk master is a Japanese cartoonist yoshihihiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketball. It was serialized in the weekly juvenile jump from No. 42 in 1990 to No. 27 in 1996. The single edition has been distributed in 17 countries and regions. Together with "football player" and "baseball hero", it is known as the three peak works of Japanese sports comics. 1995
Is there really this man in the cherry blossom path in slam dunk master? Did you end up dead
There was this man. He was the most popular high school student in the Japan high school basketball league. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident at the age of 18. Cherry Blossom path, born in 1968, was originally a child of an ordinary worker family in Japan. Cherry Blossom path, which lost its mother since childhood, did not show a high physical advantage in childhoodWho is the prototype of Sakuragi flower path
Dispel the rumor, dispel the rumor. The prototype of Sakuragi is not Rodman. Nobuhiko Inoue denied the prototype of Sakuragi. Many people rumoured that the Sakuragi is Rodman with Rodman's parallel save. But this picture happened in 1998. The slam dunk master finished in June 1996. You are playing through. Don't spread the rumor! There is no real-life prototype in Sakuragi flower path. They used Japanese bandsIn slam Flower path of dunkdunk master, how strong is the protagonist Sakuragi's ability to resist injury
In addition to dunking, sakuraki also rushed out of the field for many times to save the ball. The collision force was very strong. Except for one serious injury in shanwangli, there was no injury to the save ball in other rounds. However, it is also normal to get injured in the mountain king competition. The cherry blossom path bears great physical exertion and the body pays too much strength to fightWhat is the reason why the cherry blossom path in slam dunk master is so confident
First of all, I think the cherry blossom path is the regulator of the atmosphere in the animation of slam dunk master. Originally, the boring basketbalFlower path of dunkl training made him laugh and laugh when he was noisy, and the tense and exciting games became funny because of him. Sakuragi flower path is also very good at giving nicknames to others. I feel that his nicknames are very pleasant to hearHow powerful is the cherry blossom path in slam dunk master
The man with the best rebounding ability in the animation slam dunk master is undoubtedly Sakuragi Huadao. We have watched him grow up step by step. He has not only become the mainstay of colleges and universities in Northern Hunan, but also the absolute core of defeating the defending champion Shanwang industry. The two brothers of Hetian both competed for rebounds, but they couldn't compete for Sakuragi roadDownloadFlower path of dunk address of the complete TXT collection of the flower path of dunk
Download File: | the novel attachment of the completeFlower path of dunk collection of slam dunk flower path TXT has been uploaded to Baidu online disk. Click to download for free: content preview: the flower path of slam dunk Author: unline some words about this book. Update time: 2010-2-24 8:04:09 words: 216 writing this book is actually a whim. First, I like basketballUnder the guidance of Anxi coach high school for three years, how will the Cherry Blossom Road in slam dunk master grow
(4) Sakuragi's physical talent determines that he is the player with the highest upper limit in slam dunk master. Just talking about the physical talent of basketball players, no one in slam dunk master is stronger than Sakuragi. Even though Zebei and Sendao are not as good as Sakuragi, according to their physical talent, Sakuragi can do what they canWhat is the reason why Cherry Blossom path is the most popular in slam dunk master
However, basketball was not popular in Japan at that time. The broadcast of "slam dunk master" led to the basketball movement in Japan. At the same time, "slam dunk master" became the best-selling animation next to "king of navigation". The protagonist of the cartoon, Sakuragi flower path, is particularly handsome and once became an idol in the eyes of boysWhat is the strength of Cherry Blossom path in slam dunk master
What is the strength of Cherry Blossom path in slam dunk master? Although he still has some shortcomings, his unlimited potential will make him a world-class player one day. His strength is mainly reflected in the following points: physical strength is good. Sakuraki's physical talent can be called a bug. He has endless physical strength
Flower path of dunk

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