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Dunk expert Douban Douban praise cartoon

2022-06-24 12:02Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Douban praised cartoonFrom: Douban film slam dunk expert? 9.5 (evaluated by 82135 people) director: shinxiao nishawa Starring: Kusao Yi / Keiko hiratsu / Kiyoshi Liangtian type: animation / Comedy / s
Douban praised cartoon
From: Douban film slam dunk expert? 9.5 (evaluated by 82135 people) director: shinxiao nishawa Starring: Kusao Yi / Keiko hiratsu / Kiyoshi Liangtian type: animation / Comedy / sports production country / region: Japan year: 1993 comment: 9Which animes belong to the "lifetime" series
Douban has a very high score, but the update speed is really slow. No wonder some people say that if this goes on, the voice is getting old, and children should be able to make soy sauce. The picture style of the whole work is very "Chinese style", creating a crazy work of Chinese animation. The story is funny! Currently, it is being serialized on February 1Highest rated animation
At Dunk expert Douban  Douban praise cartoonpresent, the second season of "one punch Superman" has also been broadcast. However, due to the change of the producer, the score of Douban plummeted to 7.5, which is a pity! Second, "star Cowboy" 9.6 "star Cowboy" is a very classic animation, with a score of 9 on DoubanWhat are the animes with more than 9 points of Douban
I think Douban's anime with more than 9 points includes "the attacking giant", "JOJO's wonderful adventure" and so on. The attacking giant, this drama mainly tells a series of stories about the world ruled by giants, and human beings become the food of giants. The film received 41537 reviews from Douban. The five-star score exceeds 92%Dunk master (full 31 volumes) ePub download read the full text online and ask for Baidu online disk cloud resources_ Baidu knows
"Slam dunk expert (full 31 volumes)" ([Japan] nobiko Inoue) e-book online disk download free online reading link: extraction code: irp7 Title: slam dunk expert (full 31 volumes) author: [Japan] nobiko Inoue translator: Zou Ning Douban score: 9"Sunspot's Basketball" Douban 8.5 points high
In my opinion, the new "sunspot's Basketball" Douban's score of 8.5 is not high, and he can be called these scores. Basketball has always been an important carrier of Japanese Sports Animation, whether it is the earliest "dunk master" or the "sunspot basketball" completed in the theater version not long agoWhat is the reason why Douban's score is still high when the animation of slam dunk master becomes a PPT
I think the high scores of slam dunks are due to the classics. If youth is described as a season, it must be a hot summer. In the best years, we pursue our dreams with passion. The picture in my Dunk expert Douban  Douban praise cartoonmind should be a group of enthusiastic young people running tirelessly in order to enter the Jiazi garden in the hot summer. ItemWhat are the highest scores of Japanese Sports Animation
2. Douban score of slam dunk master: the second highest score on 9.6 is the familiar slam dunk master. As the ceiling work of basketball animation, slam dunk master can be said to be a basketball enlightenment mentor for many people. The works are funny, passionate, moved and regretfulWhat is your favorite cartoon? Let you recommend an animation that you think is the best to watch. Which one would you think of_ Hundred
The film of "devil's father", which scored 8.9 points in Douban, won the reputation of 2018 Guoman, while Wei Wuxian also won the honor of "popular Guoman virtual idol of the year" at the 2018 Tencent video starlight ceremony. As an animated work adapted from a well-known novel, the master of evil ways can be recognized by so many peoplePlaying competitive sports for the first time, "this is dunk" how to make people drink this cup of youth blood
! But when I really saw the program, I understood the good intentions of the program team. The program team of this is the dunk invited a large number of well-known players in the domestic basketball Dunk expert Douban  Douban praise cartooncDunk expert Douban  Douban praise cartoonircle, including Zhang Ning from Peking University, Zhu Mingzhen, tie Niu, Meng Xiang, Zhang Zhiyang, Yang Zheng, Han Chao and other experts from all walks of life. For me, who loves basketball
Dunk expert Douban Douban praise cartoon

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