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M dunk master why

2022-06-24 10:03Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: In slam dunk master, maple Liuchuan and cherry blossom path stand out from the crowd in height. Why is thisInoue's cartoon is also quite realistic. As far as the situation at that time is concerned
In slam dunk master,M dunk master  why maple Liuchuan and cherry blossom path stand out from the crowd in height. Why is this
Inoue's cartoon is also quite realistic. As far as the situation at that time is concerned, this height is also very high in Japan. Generally, I guess it should be 1.6 meters (Senior One). In addition to the exaggeration of the cartoon itself, in fact, looking at the whole slam dunk masters, their height is not very publicWhat is the outcome of a dunk master
Later, due to the injury and excessive physical exertion against Shanwang, they lost to other teams, and their national slam dunk masters; There are 1-31 volumes of cartoons in total. Among them, 1-22 volumes were made into 101 episodes of animation, and the remaining 23-31 are national competitions. It was not made into animation, so you can only read comicsIntroduction to dunk Masters
Name: Anzai (cv: known by Nishimura) nickname: white haired ghost (white haired devil), white haired Buddha, DM dunk master  whyad (special for sakuraki) prototype: Phil Jackson (good at using psychology to motivate team members' morale and reconcile team contradictions) is an unpredictable figure among dunking masters. He used to be a basketball player representing Japan and became a college basketball player after retirementWhat are the unseen details of the slam dunk masters
Answer: the cartoon slam dunk master is the cartoon of our childhood and even the peak of our youth. The whoM dunk master  whyle cartoon is very inspiring. It teaches us to do everything we can. It is the most important thing iM dunk master  whyn our lifeSlam dunk Master 2 meters tall
The 2-meter-2 height slam dunk master is a 2-meter-long TV cartoon "slam dunk master", adapted from the comic work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue, and produced by toying animation. It was premiered on Asahi TV station from October 16, 1993 to March 23, 1996, with 101 episodes. From november3,2013What is the finale of slam dunk
In the national competition, Northern Hunan finally won the first place in the last national strongest team, Shanwang Gonggao. However, due to physical exhaustion, he lost the battle in Aihe school. Sakuraki was injured and convalesced. He went to the national youth team for training. Akaki and Mu Mu retired in order to participate in the third grade of the college entrance examination. Miyagi took over the captain. Mitsui stayed in the team and wanted to participate in the winter trialsWho are the characters in dunk master
Anxi Guangyi is a character in the Japanese cartoon slam dunk master and its derivative works, and the coach of Xiangbei basketball team. When he was young, he got the title of "white haired ghost" for his severity. Tanizawa longer is a promising student. He is a college basketball player with a height of more than two meters. Liuchuan mapleDunk master's character information, urgently needed
Many people think that the model of the cherry blossom path is Rodman. Except that his hard work on the court has nothing in common with that red hair, how can I say it? Look at the data: 1. The cartoon was created in 90-96. In the slam dunk master's prequel like red, the cherry blossom path is red hair. Rodman's red hair was after he joined the bull in 1996What is the final result of a slam dunk master
In December, 2004, nobuhiko Inoue commemorated the activity that the cumulative sales of "a man in a bottle" exceeded 100 million copies to give back to readers. It was on 23 blackboards in 23 classrooms of Sanqi high school in Kanagawa Prefecture, which has stopped usingSlam dunk master directory
"Dunk master" has been serialized since the 42nd issue of the weekly youth jump in 1990. At that time, basketball was as unpopular in Japan as it is now. However, with the deepening of the story of "dunk master", basketball became one of the most popular sports at that time. However, with the animation in 1993, the public awareness of slam dunk master reached the highest point. 1995
M dunk master why

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