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Dunk master 23 dunk Master

2022-06-24 05:58Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Dunk master? (1993) Baidu cloud no deletion full version online viewing,? Nishizawa shinhyo? DirectedExtraction code: qwyu's long TV cartoon slam dunk master is adapted from the cartoon work of the
Dunk master? (1993) Baidu cloud no deletion full version online viewing,? Nishizawa shinhyo? Directed
Extraction code: qwyu's long TV cartoon slam dunk master is adapted from the cartoon work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue. It is produced by Nishizawa shintaka and SHIZUKI Shuner. It is starred and voiced by Cao Weiyi and lvchuan Guang. It was premiered on Asahi TV station from October 16, 1993 to March 23, 1996. The whole episode is 101Slam dunk master 23 volumes later, I don't animate anything
The slam dunk expert created by nobuhiko Inoue in the ending is called SD for short. It has a total of 31 volumes (the mainland usually sells 5 copies in the form of four in one piracy), of which 1-22 volumes have been made into animation, that is, the 101 episodes of animation we saw on TV, and the remaining 23-31 volumes, that is, the so-called national competition, have not been made into animationWhat are the fights among slam dunks
Mitsui led people to fight on 23-27 (the first half of 25 was Sakuragi Fawei, super strong) 23 Violence 24 War of justice, Sakuragi 25 Dust laden past 26 The former grandeur 27 Another prodigal son turning back happened before Xiangbei and Xiangyang. It is episode 35 Keep the oath Sakuragi and Liuchuan mapleSlam dunk master who is player 23
It's from Hainan, but it doesn't have a name, over
Who is the dunk expert wearing the bulls23 Jersey
No one in the slam dunk masters wears the No. 23 JerseyHow many episodes of slam dunk master
3. Slam dunk master theater version (the biggest crisis in Northern Hunan! Cherry Blossom Road ignites fighting spirit) 4 Slam dunk master theatDunk master 23  dunk Masterer version (roar! The soul of a basketball player! The hot summer with flowery lanes) 5 Slam dunk Master special edition (determined Xiangbei basketball department) a total of 31 comic books about slam dunk masters, which is until the end of the national competition The national competition starts from Volume 23 and is officially heldSlam dunk master cartoon No. 23
There is no animation ~ only tv101 episode and 5 theatrical versions of the animation, and no national competition. Excerpt from an adult's comment on tengzhen: alternative talent - talent for baseball comic book episode 23. There is suDunk master 23  dunk Masterch a scene. Have you noticed it. The baseball team of Xiangyang high school plays baseball on the playgroundSlam dunk expert 23 episodes
Until the end of the world, the most beautiful song among slam dunks. If you lose the king of Xiangbei mountain on Youku, there is a good picture music, which is very goodWhat is the fight episode of slam dunk master
Slam dunk eDunk master 23  dunk Masterxpert episode 23: the doomsday Mitsui of the Xiangbei basketball team gathered the bad young iron man outside the school and Horita of our school to come to Xiangbei to seek revenge against Miyagi. At this time, Akaki was not in the museum because he participated in the physics training. Sakuraki was practicing fake movements under the guidance of Miyagi. Mitsui and others came to the basketball hall to make troubleDunk master animation directory
There are 101 episodes of the animation slam dunk master. The contents are as follows: the birth of a talented basketball player, the smashing of basketball, the flower path vs. Liuchuan gorilla vs. flower path, the ultimate duel. The basketball player flower path enters the team. In the afternoon when there is no enthusiasm, Liuchuan vs. Akagi master duel. 7. The flower path debutDunk master 23  dunk Master! Burst into bottle 8
Dunk master 23 dunk Master

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