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Kobe Ichiro of dunk

2022-06-24 04:04Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Slam dunk master: why is Shinto Ichiro's strength always inferior to Mitsui Shou in most people's heartsBut in fact, Qingtian Xinchang plays the second position, that is, the shooting guard. She
Slam dunk master: why is Shinto Ichiro's strength always inferior to Mitsui Shou in most people's hearts
But in fact, Qingtian Xinchang plays the second position, that is, the shooting guard. Shenzong Yilang is the small forward. The fight with Northern Hunan was because Qingtian was not tall enough to restrict Mitsui, so he changed his position with God. Friends who are familiar with basketball should know itIn slam duKobe Ichiro of dunknk master, is Ichiro Kobe inferior to Mitsui
Among the slam dunks, the most noteworthy are Ichiro Kobe and Mitsui, who are both comrades in arms and opponents. Let's take a look with Xiaobian. Will Ichiro Nakasone, a slam dunk expert, step into Mitsui? Mitsui Mitsui didn't touch basketball for two years when he was a studentThe catalog of Kobe Ichiro in dunk
Chapter 118 new start chapter 119 new Xiangbei chapter 120 familiar teamKobe Ichiro of dunk matches chapter 121 explanation chapter 122 Xiangling practice match Chapter 123 sakuraki's appearance chapter 124 competition process chapter 125 fighting chapter 126 new God! Chapter 127 start of the county competition Chapter 128 Xiangbei vs Sanpu platform chapter 129 Tetsuya endoDownload the latest TXT complete works of Kobe Ichiro of dunk"dunk God zongyilang"
The novel attachment of the complete works of Kobe Ichiro TXT has been uploaded to Baidu online disk. Click to download for free: content preview: the characters in Kobe Ichiro's Japanese cartoon slam dunk master. The shooting guard of Hainan affiliated high school basketbaKobe Ichiro of dunkll team, one of Kanagawa's five star playersIn dunk master, with the current strength of Hainan team Shinzo Ichiro, how much room is there for improvement after the plot year
Fortunately, however, most of the outside lines in slam dunk master are full of technical flow. After all, they are high school students. They are not very strong. Experts are generally technical or speed type. Mu Shenyi, the only power guard, is a teammate of ah Shen. Ichiro Kobe has the ability to steal the ballWhat is the basketball skill of Kobe Ichiro, the scoring king of Kanagawa Prefecture in slam dunk master
Listen to Feng's analysis: first of all, Kanagawa's "five golden flowers" are Mu Shen. This lineup can play point guard with Mu Shen xiandaozhang, even without distinguishing between the main control and the point guard. The cooperation of two dual energy guards should be invincible. Considering that there is no absolute significance of the power forward can only be on the top of Liuchuan mapleWhat is the reason that Sakuragi flower path, the exit king in slam dunk master, can prevent Kobe Ichiro_ Baidu
Before coach Anxi asked him to suspend the arrangement to crack the attack in Hainan, Inoue expressed through the mouth of Sendao that Sakuragi road was still full of energy, and its action was no different from that at the beginning of the game. Perhaps because of this, coach Anxi sent Sakuragi to stare at Ichiro Kobe. But can you defend God by physical strength alone? Definitely notIn slam dunk master, who is more powerful than shinichiro Mitsui and nanlie
In addition, there is something wrong with the spiritual essence, and the projection is unstable. Koizumi Ichiro is an expert in internal and external shooting and has the ability to transfer the ball. However, this book does not describe the situation of a Shen's attack with the ball, so it can be seen that he is weak in this aspect. In Hainan Province, the key to such a situation is the herdsmen and gentrySlam dunk guy wants hero to finish novel
Maple Liuchuan of dunk, yanichi xiangtian of dunk master, sakuraki of dunk master, and Gongyan Mumu (TJ)In slam dunk master, Sakuragi flower path cannot be defended. The reason why Fukuda auspicious omen can prevent Kobe Ichiro is
Ichiro Kobe is positioned as a pure pitcher, while Yoshihiro Fukuda's medium and long range shooting ability is quite poor. Fukuda's means of attacking Cherry Blossom path are basically two points. The first is to break through the basket with the ball, and the second is to run and catch the ball and directly attack the basket. This kind of attack is really difficult to judge for Cherry Blossom Road without defense experience. Besides
Kobe Ichiro of dunk

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