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This is Dunk Basketball

2022-06-23 20:26Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Where is this dunkThis is the complete HD full version video of Season 1-4 dunk. Watch it online for free: link: Extraction code: 2s8i introduc
Where is this dunk
This is the complete HD full version video of Season 1-4 duThis is Dunk Basketballnk. Watch it online for free: link: Extraction code: 2s8i introduction: This is dunk is an original program of youth basketball competition launched by Youku and others"This is dunking" and "I want to play basketball", who is the No.1 of basketball variety
Famous NBA stars such as Dwyane Wade and Nick Yang were also invited as guest judges, which greatly improved the professionalism of the program competition. From the perspective of the ratio of stars to professional players, slam dunk 2 focuses more on basketball itself. So I think this is the dunk is the best"This is dunk" in recent years, CBA rookies rely on it to export their fame. Is this a divine variety show
It is worth mentioning that among the players who were eliminated by Yang Haozhe in the program at that time, Zheng Qilong, who ranked fifth this year, is the son of Chinese basketball star Zheng Wu. At present, he also has a basic foothold in the team. In addition, Meng Xiang, the seventh ranked player, and Liu Yi, the tenth ranked player, have also participated in this is a dunk"This is dunk" is on the air. What are the highlights of this program
"This is dunk" is very popular because it This is Dunk Basketballhas many attractions and is also close to people's life. This is a reality show about basketball, which mainly tells about youth and growth. Now the fourth season has come back in full blood, and the main attractions are that stars act as coachesThe latest season of "this is dunk" is on the air. Which player do you expect most
As we all know, there are more and more variety shows in sports in recent yeaThis is Dunk Basketballrs. These variety shows are closely related to people's lives, close to people's lives, and are very popular with people who are used to sports activities. Unknowingly, "this is the dunk" has been on for several seasonsIs this the slam dunk good? How about the evaluation
! But when I really saw the program, I understood the good intentions of the program team. The program team of this is the dunk invited a large number of well-known players in the domestic basketball circle, including Zhang Ning from Peking University, Zhu Mingzhen, tie Niu, Meng Xiang, Zhang Zhiyang, Yang Zheng, Han Chao and other experts from all walks of life. For me, who loves basketballThe lineup of "this is dunk 4" was released. Which guests did the program team invite
After the official announcement of "this is street dance" that Wangyibo, Zhang Yixing and liuxianhua joined the variety, the audience's eagerly awaited "this is dunk 4" also welcomed the good news. You must have a little impression of this is dunk. This is a sports variety competition, which is composed of several guestsThe lineup of this is dunk 4 was exposed. What kind of variety show is this
The xx series is doing well. The most popular "this is hip hop" has reached the fourth season, as well as "this is a duet" and "this is a slam dunk", while "this is a slam dunk" has also reached the fourth season, and this program has been able to do so many seasonsThe third season of the variety "this is dunk" is very popular. What is the significance for young people
Now more and more people love basketball, and more and more people pay attention to the development of Chinese basketball. On the latest basketball variety show, "this is dunk" won praise from netizens, and the third season has been a very hot season since. This season has also added a competition system that was not available in previous seasonsWhy is Li Yifeng tThis is Dunk Basketballhe judge of this is the dunk_ Baidu knows
Li Yifeng can be the judge of this is the slam dunk for several reasons: first of all, this is the slam dunk, as a basketball competitive program, focuses on the youth trend culture through basketball, and takes the 3x3 Basketball League of Chinese college students as the basic core. Young people finally won the title of MVP after layer by layer challenges
This is Dunk Basketball

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