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Dunk master vs. Shanwang if not

2022-06-23 14:05Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Slam dunk expert: the reason why Rongzhi Zebei's Quasi final shot in the Xiangbei vs. Shanwang War didn't make it to the final pitch isOf course, the first reason for this situation is that the
Slam dunk expert: the reason why Rongzhi Zebei's Quasi final shot in the Xiangbei vs. Shanwang War didn't make it to the final pitch is
Of course, the first reason for this situation is that the great God Inoue was designed in this way. Without the breathtaking 9.4 seconds, how could Northern Hunan defeat Shanwang industry. It can be said that the last 9.4 seconds have also been strictly calculated by the great God Inoue. But in the dunk masterSlam dunk master: why is Sakuragi flower path the MVP of the game against the mountain king
Whether it is from the offensive end to use all kinds of under the basket techniques he has learned to continue his life in Northern Hunan, or from the defensive end to bite his teeth against the most powerful inside team of slam dunk master, sakuraki is a superman. In the face of Hainan, we can also allow Hainan's external lines to play at willWhich teams can win the national slam dunk contest
However, none of the players he has played against is his opponent. After the Shanwang war, he is the strongest power forward in the country. Jumping, speed, physical strength, consciousness and strength are the top matches in SD. Before the national competition, he could compete with the four centers for rebounds only by virtue of his talent and his bravado; After the national competitionSlam dunk master how did Xiangbei turn over in the final attack and defense conversion against Shanwang_ Baidu knows
At this moment, he also forgot his resentment against Liuchuan Feng, and only remembered his dream of dominating the country and his commitment to Kiyoko! And Liuchuan Feng, who got the ball, successfully scored the anti super goal! 03 in the third round, Ze Bei was unwilling to lose, and Liu Ying left an eternal moment. (1) ze Bei Rongzhi showed the style of the first expertHow to analyze the classic moment of high fives between sakuraki and maple Liuchuan in slam dunk master_ Baidu
If Akiko is the reason for Sakuragi to join the basketball team, then maple Liuchuan is the biggest motivation for Sakuragi to become a slam dunk expert! In fact, the festival and hatred between Liuchuan and sakuraki were only provoked by sakuraki himself, but in the end, Dunk master vs. Shanwang  if notthey became the whole process of mutual dissatisfaction. And face the last two rounds of the mountain kingIn slam dunk master, how serious was sakuraki's injury to Shanwang industry
In slam dunk master, the existence of Liuchuan maple and Sakuragi flower path gives Xiangbei team the capital to compete with the top teams. Liuchuan maple is the sharp knife figure whDunk master vs. Shanwang  if noto cuts through thorns and thorns at the offensive end, and Sakuragi flower path is a key player who can control the situation of the game. Both Kanagawa Prefecture's joint finalsSlam dunk expert at the end of the battle between Northern Hunan and Shanwang industry, why did Yashi Kada persuade Sakuragi to end
Slam dunk master is a very popular basketball animation, which has brought many wonderful games to the audience. It is not only very enthusiastic, but also deeply loved Dunk master vs. Shanwang  if notby many basketball fans. Especially in the last game of Shanwang industry against northern Hunan, it created a visual feast for the audience. In the late stage of the competition, cherry blossom path was injuredIn the battle between slam dunk master and Yama Wang, why did coach tangben develop various countermeasures against Mitsui Shou
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, the game between Shanwang industry and Xiangbei is not only a group of star players competing for basketball skills and willpower, but also a process for the head coaches of both sides to fight for wisdom and courage. FromWhy doesn't Shanwang use Shenjin as the main scoring point when Xiangbei meets Shanwang in slam dunk master_ Baidu
The reasons are Dunk master vs. Shanwang  if notexplained by Mr. Maple: 01 in terms of the normal attack system of the yama Wang team, Shenjin is not used as the main attacker. (1) Shenjin's main ability is to organize teammates to score. He is a more organizational guard. When nobiko Inoue wrote slam dunk master, the functions of NBA guards were obviously differentiatedWhat is the strength of Shanwang industry in slam dunk master
Shanwang industry is a very strong team in the slam dunk master. For Northern Hunan, being able to defeat Shanwang industry means being able to reach the top. Although Shanwang industry is not the last opponent in Northern Hunan, it does have a lot of weight in the basketball industry. Shanwang Industrial Co., Ltd. has the top high school students in the country in its ranks
Dunk master vs. Shanwang if not

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