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Dadong, this is dunk

2022-06-23 13:05Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: This is dunk Baidu cloudLink: ? Pwd=icdb extraction code: ICDBWho do you think is the best in this is dunkI believe those who like playing basketball a
This is dunk Baidu cloud
Link: ? Pwd=icdb extraction code: ICDB
Who do you think is the best in this is dunk
I believe those who like playing basketball and love playing basketball. All my friends have seen this is the original program of youth basketball competition. I started watching it from the first season. This is the first season of dunking, including the first season of dunking and the second season of dunkingWho won the championship in this is the dunk
The final champion of this is dunk is the dragon knight team. After the launch of the "hard core variety" this is the dunk, which is a combination of handsome people, although the audience rating was poor, the webcast performance was quite good, and it had a high degree of topics among the male group. Many people were curious about who the final champion team was. It is reported that it was Li Yifeng"This is dunk" is on the air. What are the highlights of this program
The variety show "this is dunk" is on the air, and the ratings of this variety show are very high, because it has many attractions, but also some slots. Let's have a look. This is the dunk is very popular because it has many attractions and is also close to people's lifeHow do you evaluate the way Lin and Aaron Kwok train players in this is the dunk
After watching these episodes, I also found the difference between guozhelun and linshuhao in coaching style! My nephew has Dadong, this is dunkbeen strictly trained since childhood, and he will be more strict when training players, while Shuhao is more concerned about the inner feelings of players. After several days of training and training"This is the dunk" who is the strongest player to rank
In fact, on August 17, 2019, the second season of the youth basketball competitive reality show "this is dunk", which is produced by Youku, CO produced by Ali sports and undertaken by Youzhi entertainment, was officially announced. The program will be broadcast on August 25. Mengxiang: Captain Hua has outstanding strength. Students who know about Cuba should all know him, butWhy is Li Yifeng the judge of this is the dunk_ Baidu knows
Li Yifeng can be the judge of this is the slam dunk for several reasons: first of all, this is the slam dunk, as a basketball competitive program, focuses on the youth trend culture through basketball, and takes the 3x3 Basketball League of Chinese college Dadong, this is dunkstudents as the basic core. Young people finally won the title of MVP after layer by layer challengesIs this the slam dunk good? How about the evaluation
"This is dunk", from the name we can see that this is a variety show for basketball fans. During the period when various phenomenon level variety shows appeared frequently in China, a program specially designed for basketball was like a clear stream, shooting some pseudo sports variety shows on the beach. As a "teenager" who loves basketballCan CBA Professional Athletes crush the golf couDadong, this is dunkrse
It is not difficult for us to find that in the program "this is the dunk", those grass-roots players basically represent the highest levelDadong, this is dunk of the domestic golf course. Junge, Korea and Dadong are all the overlords in the wild field, but the final MVP still makes Peking University defender Zhang Ning a cyst. This is the difference between grass roots and occupation. Body, trainingWhich player do you like best in this is dunk? Why
In the recently popular variety "this is dunk", Zhang Ning from Peking University is the most favored one by me. "This is dunking" is a basketball competition reality show recently launched by Youku. As a fake fan, you can also have your own fun in it
Dadong, this is dunk

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