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Dunk Tour developed by the Prophet

2022-06-23 12:06Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What kind of hand game is a slam dunk expert"Dunk master authorized mobile game" is a real-time basketball competitive mobile game. It is distributed by frog flutter, developed by the prophet, a
What kind of hand game is a slam dunk expert
"Dunk master authorized mobile game" is a real-time basketball competitive mobile game. It is distributed by frog flutter, developed by the prophet, and authorized and supervised by Dongying animation. The game will restore the hot blooded era endowed by slam dunk master with a variety of competition modes and plotsDunk expert hand tour character strength ranking
Emperor's instant break: the shepherd emperor is aware of the moment when the opponent breaks within 2 meters, and can bend down to follow up the opponent and cut off the opponent's ball in an instant. In the area under the basket, click the "instant steal" button. Dodge block (defense, block) when the opponent tries to lay up or dunk, the shepherd will flash in front of the opponent for a moment and block the opponentSlam dunk master hand tour fun
Is the "slam dunk master" mobile game fun? Personally, I think this kind of "slam dunk master" mobile game is more fun. It is very exciting to play this kind of mobile game every dayCan iqooz1 play dunk tour with 144 frames
The slam dunk tour has high requirements for 144 frames. It can not be opened to 144 frames on ordinary mobile phones, and it does not open 144 frames on some mobile phones. Waiting for fuDunk Tour  developed by the Prophetrther notice. The full name of the slam dunk mobile game is "slam dunk master authorized mobile game". The mobile game is a real-time basketball competitive mobile game, which is distributed by frog pouncing and developed by the prophetWho is the best player to use in the slam dunk tour? Why
There is nothing new about the dunk, that is, whoever covers tDunk Tour  developed by the Prophethe dunk will fall. Without much pressure, the dunk is completed. Since the short haired cherry tree came out in the cherry blossom path, fewer and fewer people have used the long haired cherry tree, but the threshold for double crystal players is too high. But in the case of low potential, the rebounding ability is unmatched by Changfa SakuragiSlam dunk expert hand tour what new role will emerge in December 2021
Fairyland; Xiandao doesn't need to say much. High popularity characters are always powerful. Xiandao is extremely flexible and requires higher operation than other characters. Whether it is in the high-end Bureau or the low-end Bureau, there is the shadow of xiandaozhang. People who play well can control the battle of a game"Slam dunk master" who should be trained by mobile game civiliaDunk Tour  developed by the Prophetns
Tips for the mobile game of slam dunk master: always remember that in the licensed mobile game of slam dunk master, it is more about consciousness that determines the game. In terms of operation, players in the same position will not have much difference. It is recommended that novices start from defense and reasonably allocate ball power. In terms of consciousness, first of all, through the length of the gameWhat's the use of slam dunk master hand tour popularity level
The trigger condition of segment protection. When the popularity value of the player meets a certain score, it will be activated, and the system will consume the popularity value to deduct the stars. So how does popularity value come from? This is the special mechanism in qualifying. As long as you participate in qualifying, you will gain popularity regardless of whether you win or lose. It consists of players' no hang up behavior, winning streak rewards, and gamesDunk master hand tour must buy players
Fairyland. A slam dunk expert must buy Xiandao, the player who is the only two-state player in the game at present. His two states of front and back have different effects and skills. Therefore, in terms of operation difficulty, Xiandao is slightly more difficult than tengzhen. In terms of attack, Xiandao is a centralized ball control playerHow long does it take for a slam dunk master to get a hand tDunk Tour  developed by the Prophetour return gift
Slam dunk master hand tour generally has a return ceremony after logging in after seven days offline. "Dunk master authorized mobile game" mobile game is a real-time basketball competitive mobile game. It was released by frog POU, developed by prophet, authorized by Dongying animation and supervised the whole process. It was officially put into public beta on December 5, 2019
Dunk Tour developed by the Prophet

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