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NBA dunk master patch

2022-06-23 10:05Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Installation method of NBA Live2008 dunk master patch (Lonely fossil)Put the folder in slamdunk live 08 'into the live08 game folder to overwrite it. Open my document (only the computer here) and t
Installation method of NBA Live2008 dunk master patch (Lonely fossil)
Put the folder in slamdunk live 08 'into the live08 game folder to overwrite it. Open my document (only the computer here) and there will be a folder in nbalive08Who has the NBA2007 dunk master patch? Pass it on to me
Dunk expert for nbalive 07 v1.3 patch Description: 。How to install the patch of NBA08 dunk master
Copy saves to c:documents and settingsadministratormy documentsnba live 08saves, and copy SGSM to SGSM of the game. When playing, run saves in the game. The archive isNBA dunk master patch OK. I hope it can be adopted
Ask NBA2K9 slam dunk masters for all team independent patches and installation methods
Put the list patch into the saved directory and read it in the gaNBA dunk master patchme. Instructions for other patches: put the unzipped patch file (pngxxx.iff) or other patches into your NBA 2k9 folder to overwrite the original file (pay attention to bNBA dunk master patchackup). Direct download address (copy Xunlei):
How to use NBA dunk master patch
Yes, just overwrite it. You may have a TXT file with tutorials written in it
How to use nba2k14 dunk master patch
Run%appdata% and put the patch file in the Sava directory of nba2k14. If it is a patch, put it directly under the game directory
How to download and install the nba2k10 dunk master patch
The file at the end of TMM is the team patch. You can read it in the import team option, and then you can see the Xiangbei team in the player management list. Other files at the end of IFF are the face patches of sakuraki and otheNBA dunk master patchr players, which are directly copied to your 2k10 game file. The new players do not need to be overwrittenHow to use the dunk master patch under nba2k10
Confirm after selecting my patch, and then press "run" to start the game. Patch patch patch usage: (rewritten from patch King's instructions) 1 Open texmod, click the folder icon on the top target application, and select your 2k9 executable. (that is, the position of nba2k9.exe) 2 OKNbalive06 patch download and usage of dunk master [56nba provides download]nba06 dunk master patch Rar install the program in the directory where nbalive 06 is located! Then copy the archive file to the "My Documents NBA Live 06saves" folder and enter the game to read itAbout NBALIVE2008 dunk master patch
The saves folder is an archive containing a list of slam dunks. It is placed in my document NBA Live 08/saves. Another folder is the patch. It contains photos of facial patches. The items in the folder are placed under SGSM in the game directory
NBA dunk master patch

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