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Dunk master kit

2022-06-23 09:05Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Slam dunk master what's the number of Liu Chuanfeng's jersey"Slam dunk master" Liuchuan Feng's jersey is No. 11. Before the match between the North basketball department and the Lingnan
Slam dunk master what's the number of Liu Chuanfeng's jersey
"Slam dunk master" LiDunk master kituchuan Feng's jersey is No. 11. Before the match between the North basketball department and the Lingnan basketball department, when coach Anxi assigned the number and shirt number, Liuchuan Feng played position 4 (power forward) and the shirt number was No. 10, but he did not have sakuraki's share. Therefore, he protestedWhich team is the dunk master in the green jersey
The green jersey of the dunk master is the "Hulk" team led by Kenji Fuji, the ace main part-time coach, Xiangyang. Slam dunk is an inspirational cartoon and animatDunk master kition work by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue with the theme of high school basketballHow to distinguish the true and false of dunk master's jerseys
I am also a fan of slam dunk masters. I have also noticed that many of the slam dunk masters' jerseys on the Internet have been fake for a long time. This is how to distinguish between true and false. Only S135 clothing stores from Japan are authorized to sell their jerseys. Their jerseys are pure cotton. The price is about 100. No matter what the mesh is, there is SeikoIn slam dunk master, apart from the white version, what is the main color of the team uniforms in Northern Hunan and southern Lingnan
Red + blue Xiangbei home white away red, Lingnan home is also white but not all white, a little blue ~ ~ ~ away blueWhDunk master kito is dunk master No. 10 Jersey
The No. 10 jersey of the slam dunk master is the cherry blossom path. Cherry Blossom path is the hero of the comic book slam dunk master and its derivative works. Senior one student of Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa County, one of the main players of Xiangbei basketball team, and a professional power forward. Sakuraki is a simple minded but lovely problem figure. His personality is both straightforward and simpleWhat's the name of the costume design inside the slam dunk master? Complete sets of clothes are black
Details are as follows; Yoshihihiko Inoue has repeatedly denied that the characters in "dunk master" have no prototype in the NBA, but said that some teams' jerseys in "dunk master" refer to the look of team uniforms in the NBAWhat is the number of each dunk master's jersey
1. Akagi 4. 2. Liuchuanfeng 11. 3. No. 10, Cherry Blossom Road. 4. Mitsui 14. 5. No. 7, Liangtian, Miyagi. 6. 7 Xiandao. 7. fish column No. 4. 8. amu 4. 9. Gaosha 4. 10. ashen 6. 11. Qingshan 10What's the meaning of the showoku uniform in the blue filling expert
Showoku is the meaning of Northern Hunan, which is the Japanese Roman pronunciation of Northern HunanSlam dunk master what's the number of Liu Chuanfeng's jersey
Join the Japanese youth team after the competition. Role image: nobuhiko Inoue said in an interview: "the characters in slam dunk master do not have one-to-one NBA prototypes. However, some teams have prototypes. For example, the team uniforms in Xiangbei are based on the Chicago Bulls, and the team uniforms in Hainan are based on the Los Angeles Lakers
Who knows how much a dunk master zhonglingnan xiandaozhang's team uniform costs
Absolute personality! Dunk expert elite Kanagawa all star sendaosho team uniform price: 60.00 yuan freight: 10.00 yuan (ordinary mail) 15.00 yDunk master kituan (express mail) location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province degree of newness: brand new
Dunk master kit

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