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Li Yifeng dunks

2022-06-23 07:04Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Why is Li Yifeng the judge of this is the dunk_ Baidu knowsLi Yifeng can be the judge of this is the slam dunk for several reasons: first of all, this is the slam dunk, as a basketball competitive pro
Why is Li Yifeng the judge of this is the dunk_ Baidu knows
Li Yifeng can be the judge of this is the slam dunk for several reasons: first of all, this is the slam dunk, as a basketball competitive program, focuses on the youth trend culture through basketball, and takes the 3x3 Basketball League of Chinese college students as the basic core. Young people finally won the title of MVP after layer by layer challengesLi Yifeng participates in Tencent variety show. I want to play basketball. Recently, his muscle lines areLi Yifeng dunks obvious. It is specially for playing basketball
It is said that he is very strong, but his performance in the program is really good. Of course, the four stars of this program are also quite in place, including Jeremy Lin and Aaron Guo. Jay Chou and Li Yifeng, the latter two can be regarded as good basketball players in the entertainment circleLi Yifeng and Aaron Guo have become good friends in this slam dunk program. Their relationship is really so good
Guoallen was unable to play because of his injury, which caused a lot of controversy at that time. Li Yifeng also supported guoallen and encouraged him to recuperate well, which made many people see the friendship between Li Yifeng and guoallen. Li Yifeng encourages strange people like a big brother, so this cross-border relationship is very enviableLi Yifeng is not a professional athlete. Why can he be the judge of this is dunk
The prLi Yifeng dunksogram hopes to combine variety and basketball to create a new prLi Yifeng dunksogram, which will not only attract basketball fans, but also attract audiences who do not understand basketball to increase popularity. Therefore, in addition to two professional players, Aaron Guo and Jeremy Lin, two popular stars, Li Yifeng and Jay Chou, have been added. Such collocation is very common in variety showsLi Yifeng's personal data
Li Yifeng is an artist in the performing arts circleLi Yifeng didn't participate in the variety show before. Why did he take over the basketball of this is Dunk
It is true that Li Yifeng seldom participated in variety shows before, but he made several appearances in the happy base camp. However, it is not Li Yifeng's original intention to participate in the happy base camp, but to promote the new film. This is an arrangement of the director group. The reason why Li Yifeng will take over this basketball variety show is dunkingWho do you think is the best in this is dunk
I prefer to read the first sentence because in the first season, there was Jay Chou, my favorite singer, and he was one of the team leaders. In the first season, there were Jay Chou, Jeremy Lin, Li Yifeng and Aaron Guo. As the four team leaders, and these four people all play basketball in the entertainment industry. Film is famous, such as Jay ChouThis is who the slam dunk champion is
Height is still very important for basketball players. The victory of the Dragon cavalry team is expected. As for the victory, Li Yifeng, his mentor, said: "the Dragon Knight has always been counter attacking, and the champion will not let others counter attack.". "This is the slam dunk" has ended, but it is still hot. Official evaluationLi Yifeng recently joined a new variety show, I want to play basketball. The microblog has just made an official announcement. Why is Li Yifeng
Liyifeng is one of the male entertainers who prefer basketball in the entertainment circle. He was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, and graduated from the film and Television School of Sichuan Normal University. He is a famous actor and singer in mainland China. Before that, Li Yifeng participated in Zhejiang satellite TV's this is dunk. Li Yifeng likes basketball very muchWhat's the name of the program where Li Yifeng plays basketball
Li Yifeng participated in the basketball program "this is dunk". He and Jay Chou, linshuhao and Aaron Guo are four team leaders. Jay Chou and Jeremy Lin formed j-team. Since the NBA pre-season began, Yi JiaLi Yifeng dunksnlian replaced Jeremy Lin who left. Li Yifeng and guoallen form the "Dragon Knight" team
Li Yifeng dunks

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