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Gorilla dunk it becomes No. 4

2022-07-03 17:01Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What is the back number of gorilla among slam dunksIn the first grade, I didn't play very well, so I can only wear No. 10. After continuous efforts, I became the main center and captain of Northern
What is the back number of gorilla among slam dunks
In the first grade, I didn't play very well, so I can only wear No. 10. After continuous efforts, I became the main center Gorilla dunk  it becomes No. 4and captain of Northern Hunan, and became No. 4. In fact, No. 4 is the number of the captain and the main force. The rookie No. 10 Jersey is given to Sakuragi flower path. Akagi Gangxian (gorilla)Who are the red haired monkey, Fox and gorilla in slam dunk master? The gods help_ Baidu
Red haired monkey - Cherry Blossom path fox - Liuchuan Maple gorilla - Akagi Gangxian satisfied, please adopt
I remember the "Gorilla" in "slam dunk master" said: "Whoever dominates the backboard dominates the whole basketball court
We should analyze this problem from his perspective. Rebounding in the front court can get a chance of direct attack, while rebounding in the back court can ensure no loss and get an opportunity of attack, so rebounding is closely relGorilla dunk  it becomes No. 4ated to scoringWhat position does everyone play in Xiangbei, a slam dunk master
Sakuragi path: power forward Kawakami: small forward Gangxian Akagi: Center Mitsui: shooting guard Miyagi Yoshida: point guard Komiyama: forward
What is the Gorilla dunk  it becomes No. 4role of a slam dunk gorilla
Personal profile: (Takenori Akagi) class: Class 6, grade 3 birthday: May 10 middle school: Beicun middle school number: 4 position: center height: 197cm weight: 90kg (increased to 93kg during the national competition) sneakers: converse nickname: gorilla (named by Mitsui) sister: Akiko AkagiWhy does Akagi Gangxian, one of the slam dunks, call him a gorilla? Is he like him
Originally, it is a funny animation. Of course, the nickGorilla dunk  it becomes No. 4name should be associated with the plot, and it is the prototype reproduction of the nickname bug of the bulls in those days! In addition, not only Akaki has a nickname, others also have it. Maple Liuchuan is a fox, Mitsui is a junior, and so on. What's funny is that it's all SakuragiHow to use gorilla dunk in street basketball
Take the position!! It usually starts at the blue dot. I know it in the practice field~
Who are the players of Xiangbei team, a slam dunk expert
Sakuragi flower path is the first protagonist in the famous work "slam dunk master" by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue and one of the main forces of the Northern Hunan team. Sakuragi is a simple minded but cute problem figure. His personality is complex and simple. At some times, he is as innocent as a young childWhat's the name of the gorilla among the slam dunks
It's called "Akagi Gangxian". Foreign name: あぎぎけのり other name: Gorilla character: calm position on the court: Center Middle School: Beicun middle school height: 197cm (193cm for a high school) weight: 90kg (increased to 93kg for the national competition). Sports team: Xiangbei high school basketball team shirt number: 4 (high)
Ask for a detailed introduction to the plot of slam dunk master
It was Lingnan's turn to attack again. Sendao planned to make an air relay dunk. The ubiquitous Liuchuan Feng suddenly appeared in front of him and covered the hot pot. Then he ran to the front court to shoot the basket. Sendao chased him, but was cheated by Liuchuan Feng, and Liuchuan passed the ball to Akagi. Akagi's "big scarlet dunk" scored the first point for Northern Hunan
Gorilla dunk it becomes No. 4

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