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Dunk masters play Hainan they obviously have it too

2022-07-03 10:01Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What is the reason why Northern Hunan will lose to Hainan in slam dunk masterTherefore, if Hainan wins only 2 points in Northern Hunan, it will never come to the end of the national competition. In th
What is the reason why Northern Hunan will lose to Hainan in slam dunk master
Therefore, if Hainan wins only 2 points in Northern Hunan, it will never come to the end of the national competition. In the preparation stage, they have obviously made considerable progress. To sum up, ACG Houhuayuan believes that even if there is another game, Northern Hunan may not be able to beat Hainan. Of course, "slam dunk master" is the story of the virtual worldIn slam dunk master, Northern Hunan and Hainan are equal. What's the reason why tDunk masters play Hainan  they obviously have it toohe ranking of the national championship is so poor
First of all, the high school attached to Hainan University is also the protagonist. In fact, in Kanagawa Prefecture, the level of Hainan University Affiliated High School and Northern Hunan is actually the same. However, because Cherry Blossom Road learned CIC, the strength of Northern Hunan may be higher than that of Hainan University affiliated high school. Before the Cherry Blossom Road society CIC, the first World War in Northern Hunan and HainanIn slam dunk master, Dunk masters play Hainan  they obviously have it toowhy did Shanwang collapse when he played Hainan
In the national competition before the slam dunk master, Hainan lost to Shan Wang in the finals, and the total score was lost. With a score of 30 points, it can be said that Shan Wang was hanging Hainan at the last minute. In particular, although the result of the game was a blast, Hainan may have fought fiercely with Shanwang for most of the first halfWhy did coach Gao tou and coach Anxi ignore the pre game analysis when XDunk masters play Hainan  they obviously have it tooiangbei played Hainan in slam dunk master_ Baidu knows
Preface: in slam dunk master, some teams will take the initiative to observe their opponents before facing the next round of opponents, especially the Games in the county. Because the transportation is convenient, it is common for the whole team to watch the opponent's games, and it can also be used as a free narration of the game to help the audience analyze the situation on the fieldIn slam dunk master, why do Northern Hunan and Hainan play on a par, and the ranking of the national competition is so poor
Therefore, although the absolute strength of the first five players in Northern Hunan is stronger than that in Hainan, the depth of the team's bench is far less than that in Hainan! The early completion of slam dunk master is the inevitable factor causing this result. Since Takehiko Inoue temporarily decided to finish SD in advance before the national competition, Xiangbei will inevitaDunk masters play Hainan  they obviously have it toobly encounter the boss team in advance. FightSlam dunk master can Mitsui Shou defend against Kobe Ichiro alone in Hainan World War I
In this game, we made a comprehensive analysis on why Sanzheng's attack power became mute a long time ago. Today, we will analyze why Sanzheng's defense can't limit Shinzo Ichiro. Slam dunk master during the first World War in Hainan, why couldn't Mitsui stop Shinzo Ichiro? First of all"Slam dunk master" if it's not an accidental exit, can they really win Hainan
Perhaps it is precisely because the physical quality of a mu in Hainan is so good that ordinary players in Sanpu Taiwan simply can't bear a Mu's close play, and there is a sharpshooter a Shen on the outside line. Even in Hainan last year, there were more powerful third grade players, but it is normal for Sanpu Taiwan to play! But in the competition between Sanpu station and XiangbeiIn slam dunk master, why is it so difficult for the "five-star" Xiangbei team to play Hainan and Lingnan teams_ Baidu
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I'm Mr. maple. In dunk master, according to the performance of the final showdown with Shanwang, the five main players in Northern Hunan are all star players. Why does this team play Hainan in the county competitionWhich episode is the outbreak of Liuchuan maple in Hainan
Liuchuan Feng's outburst in Hainan is episode 55 of slam dunk master. Episode 55: the top team, Hainan affiliated high school and Xiangbei basketball team, which has set a glorious record of entering the high school league in the past 16 years, launched the first game of the joint finals to compete for the right to participate in the national high school leagueDunk master: can Xiangyang really win Hainan in the plot year
Can Nian Xiangyang Zhendi win Hainan?, In fact, the lineup of plot year Xiangyang is prepared to deal with Hainan. However, due to the limited ability of core players, I think the probability of Xiangyang killing Hainan is about 40%, which is explained in detail below
Dunk masters play Hainan they obviously have it too

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