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Who is the best dunk master

2022-07-03 04:50Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Who do you think is the strongest person in the five positions in slam dunk master? WhyMaple King's conclusion: if "slam dunk master" can have 100 million fans, then the strongest five person
Who do you think is the strongest person in the five positions in slam dunk master? Why
Maple King's conclusion: if "slam dunk master" can have 100 million fans, then the strongest five person group may have billions of combinations. Maple King's choice will certainly be approved, but more readers must feel that they have a better combination. From the perspective of the lineup, these five people have unique personalities"Slam dunk master" is mainly about basketball games. Who plays basketball best
First of all, it is certain that these two heroines in slam dunk master will definitely play basketball. Akiko AkakiWho is the best dunk master is 155 cm tall and caiko Inoue is 163 cm tall. Let's not talk about the two heroines who play basketball better. First, why don't they play basketball after high school? Let's start with Akiko Akagi, originallyWho is the best dunk master and why
The best! Of course, the protagonist is usuallWho is the best dunk mastery powerful. Akagi Sakuragi is the protagonist in Liuchuan. Animated version: if it takes a long time, Sakuragi's strength will definitely surpass Liuchuan, because he has potential, whether it's bounce or power. Liuchuan has no doubt that he successfully defeated Xiandao. If he doesn't give up, he will defeat Mu sooner or laterWho are the strongest players in slam dunk
As a basketball player, the effect of not training and not playing for two years is very good. During junior high school, Mitsui Shou led his team to win the County Championship and won the most valuable player. However, in junior high school, Liuchuan Feng was only slightly famous and did not make any achievements. These are the strongest players. The above is only personal viewsWho is the strongest character in slam dunk
Liuchuan, the most stable in Northern Hunan, is also difficult to play in front of Zebei from beginning to end, and all kinds of offensive means cannot penetrate the defense of Zebei. Proud Liu Chuan finally bowed his head in front of the first person in the country. Captain Jin Shen, there is no doubt about his defensive ability. For the battle in Northern Hunan, Jin Shen's defense and his judgment on defenseIn slam dunk master, who is more powerful than Mitsui Shou, Kobe Ichiro and Nan lie
In Hainan Province, a football team with a complete attack management system, which takes Mu Shenyi as the key, doesn't need a SheWho is the best dunk mastern to have too strong ball holding ability. As a basketball expert, he can stimulate his highest efficiency. With a height of 1.89 meters, it is difficult to defend outside shots. There is no scene of unsuccessful pitching in this bookWho is the strongest point guard in slam dunk? What do you think
There are five top point guards in "slam dunk master", namely, Shinji Matsu, Makoto Shinji, Yoshida Miyagi, and Akira sendajo, who became a monk halfway through. Each of them has its own advantages and characteristics. Xiandaozhang's passing is superb. As the core position of the team, Mu Shenyi is incomparable, but in the view of XiaobianDunk master mobile game character strength ranking
Dodge block (defense, block) when the opponent tries to lay up or dunk, the shepherd will flash in front of the opponent in a moment and block the opponent. Emperor reflexes: the shepherd emperor has insight into the opponent's change of action, and with super body control, he can turn around again in the air and directly cover the opponent. When the opponent makes a move, click the "dodge and block" buttonAmong the slam dunk masters, who is the most powerful in scoring, steals, assists, rebounds and blocks
But rookies think that the football player with the best ability to interrupt the ball in slam dunk master is still Rongzhi ZABEI. Why? Due to the bug level defense ability of Rongzhi Zebei, Rongzhi Zebei successfully broke the ball four times in the first battle between Xiangbei and yamawangWho are the strongest people in slam dunk
Xiangbei team once needed four players to defend Mu Shenyi. This shows that Liuchuan Feng alone is completely unable to limit the pastoral gentry. To sum up, in "slam dunk master", the top singles are RongWho is the best dunk masterzhi Zebei, Mu Shenyi, xiandaozhang and Liuchuan Feng. Of course, this is only the result of my personal analysis
Who is the best dunk master

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