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This is dunk

2022-07-02 06:31Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Who won the championship in this is dunkThe final champion of this is dunk is the Dragon cavalry team. After the launch of the "hard core variety" this is dunk, which is a handsome show, althoug
Who won the championship in this is dunk
The final champion of this is dunk is the Dragon cavalry team. After the launch of the "hard core variety" this is dunk, which is a handsome show, although the audience rating was poor, the webcast performance was quite good, and it has a high degree of topics in the male group. Many people are curious about who the final champion team is. It is reported that it is Li YifengThe lineup of "this is dunk 4" has been exposed. What kind of variety show is this
Secondly, the variety show "this is dunk" is actually a combination of basketball and reality TV. The stars selected in the fourth season of "this is dunk" are ou Hao, Li Chen and Hou Minghao, who are similar to the team leader position in "this is hip hop"Is this dunk good? How about the evaluation
"This is dunk", from the name we can see that this is a variety for basketball fans. During the period when various phenomenal variety shows appeared frequently in China, a program specially designed for basketball was like a clear stream, shooting some fake sports variety shows on the beach. As a "teenager" who loves basketballThe third season of the variety "this This is dunkis slam dunk" is hot. What is the significance for young people
Now more and more people love basketball, and more and more peoThis is dunkple pay attention to the development of Chinese basketball. In the latest season of basketball variety show, "this is dunk" has been highly praised by netizens, and the third season has been a very hot season since. This season also adds to the competition system that did not exist in previous seasonsThe sports program "this is dunk" is fiercely opposed. What are its favorite points by the audience_ Baidu knows
The initial reason for chasing this is dunk is that Xiaogong picked up Jay, and then he began to chase it every week. First of all, the most amazing thing in the audition is Yang Haozhe of beiti. This boy is simply McGrady possessed. In three on three, one person leads the whole team to advance. There is no script for basketballThe latest season of "this is dunk" is on the air. Which player do you expect most
As we all know, there are more and more variety shows in sports in recent years. These variety shows are closely related to people's lives, close to people's lives, and are very popular with people who are used to sports activities. Unconsciously, "this is dunk" has been on for several seasonsWhere can I watch this is dunk
This is the complete HD video of Season 1-4 dunk. Watch it online for free: link: https://pan.This is Extraction code: 2s8i introduction: "this is dunk" is an original program of youth basketball competition launched by Youku and othersWho do you think is the best in this is dunk
I believe those who like playing basketball and love playing basketball. All my friends have seen this is the original program of youth basketball competition dunk. I started watching it from season 1 before. This is dunk, including season 1 and season 2"This is dunk" in recent years, CBA rookies rely on it to export fame. Is this a divine variety show
Speaking of the hottest basketball variety in recent years, "this is dunk" is definitely well deserved. This program has even become a divine variety in the eyes of many people. In fact, this statement is This is dunknot exaggerated"This is dunk" is on the air. What are the highlights of this program
The variety show "this is slam dunk" is on the air, and the audience rating of this variety show is very high, because it has many attractions, but there are also some slots. Let's have a look. "This is dunk" is very popular because it has many attractions and is also close to people's life
This is dunk

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