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Ranking of slam dunk Masters the author did not

2022-07-02 06:08Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What is the ranking order of the characters in dunk masterI believe the guys who have seen slam dunk master have a problem all day. That is, what is their strength ranking? The author did not give an
What is the ranking order of the chRanking of slam dunk Masters  the author did notaracters in dunk master
I believe the guys who have seen slam dunk master hRanking of slam dunk Masters  the author did notave a problem all day. That is, what is their strength rankinRanking of slam dunk Masters  the author did notg? The author did not give an accurate answer to this point. And we can only see from their performance in comics. Then let's check the skill level of the characters in the slam dunk masters. SectionHow to rank or grade the players' strength in slam dunk master
There is still a big gap in the strength of the players of dunk masters, and the queue jumping between the school team and the top teams is still very obvious. Ranking of slam dunk Masters  the author did notI'll use the level to introduce the stratification between them. T1 level: Mori chongkuan is a phenomenal player who has won the national championship. Only he has won the championship, so he must be behind others. Even ifHow to arrange the strength in slam dunk master
Comprehensive strength: 80 (10 is the highest for each data, and the highest total score is 90) & \65532; NO2: Chu Xingda is also a well-known player in China. Mu also admires him and is a very comprehensive player. The star of Aichi is definitely not in vain. Where is his strengthAccording to the strength, who ranks the teams in slam dunk master first
Top9 Aihe college. This dispute will be relatively big, but rookies think that this year's love and college strength are really not good. Even if zhuxingda is the top player in dunk master, the whole team is a little too young. From Aihe's shirt number, we can see that all the players except zhuxingda are grade one and grade two playersDunk master fighting strength ranking
Ranking list of fighting strength of slam dunk masters: ryohama AODA, Akagi Gangxian, Sakuragi flower path, Yokoyama Hirano
Dunk master mobile game character strength ranking
Emperor's instant break: Mu Shen, an emperor, has an insight into the moment when the opponent breaks within 2 meters, and can bend over to follow up the opponent and cut off the opponent's ball in an instant. In the area under the basket, click the "instant steal" button. Dodge block (defense, block) when the opponent tries to lay up or dunk, the shepherd will flash in front of the opponent in a moment and block the opponentDunk master team strength ranking
Scoring guard Ren Matsumoto, 186 tall, is a swinger of front and back. It is mentioned in the book that if Zebei is not there, he is the trump card, indicating that his strength is also at the top of the team. But the book actually made several mistakes in the game, which is called the most water ace. The point guard Shenjin Yicheng, who is 180 cm tall, is the team captain, calm and has long-range shotsAccording to the strength ranking of dunk master, which team can win the championship best
In the "slam dunk master" plot year, many friends believed that Hainan finally won the runner up of the national competition lying down. In fact, rookies don't object to this statement. There is a lot of luck in winning the national runner up with Hainan's strength. Even though Hainan's own strength is very strongHow to rank the combat effectiveness of Sakuragi Legion among slam dunks
In the slam dunk, the basketball team trains and plays hard to win the national championship. The top five players of each team are the people who attract the most attention of fans. But there is a deeper feeling than returning from the sea. The configuration of the five of them is irreplaceable. They don't play basketball together, but gather together to play small steel cannonsWho are the top ten slam dunks
Pass: 4 rebounds: 10 physical fitness: 10 dunks: 9
Ranking of slam dunk Masters the author did not

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