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Sakuragi dunk dunk in front of Akiko Akagi

2022-07-01 21:19Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: What are the moments when "slam dunk master" Cherry Blossom Road failedI think these are the moments when Sakuragi road dunks fail. Sakuragi road ranked fifth in five big defeats. He dunked in f
What are the moments when "slam dunk master" Cherry Blossom Road failed
I think these are the moments when Sakuragi road dunks fail. Sakuragi road ranked fifth in five big defeats. He dunked in front of Akiko Akagi and hit his head on the backboard. As an idiot who doesn't know what basketball is, Cherry Blossom Road's first dunk is not too embarrassing! On the contrary, Akiko Akaki is very excited about her excellent jumping abilitySlam dunk master: how strong is Sakuragi's physical fitness
First of all, we all know that Sakuragi was famous for fighting among gangsters in the middle school period. AllSakuragi dunk  dunk in front of Akiko Akagi Sakuragi legions are good fighters, not to mention their leader Sakuragi. His physical quality is very strong, especially in terms of strength. Sakuragi is almost invincible. He is a natural sports geniusIn slam dunk master, how serious was Sakuragi's injury against Yama Wang industry
In slam dunk master, the existence of Liuchuan Feng and Sakuragi flower path gives Xiangbei team the capital to compete with the top teams. Liuchuan Feng is the sharp knife figure who cuts through thorns and thorns on the offensive end, and Sakuragi flower path is a key player who can control the situation of the game. Both Kanagawa Prefecture's joint finalsWhat is the ending of "slam dunk master" Cherry Blossom Road
The result is: at last, Xiangbei defeated the former national champion Shanwang team in the second round of the national competition and entered the third round. However, due to excessive physical exertion in the war with Shanwang and Sakuragi's back injury, it was defeated miserably, and the national competition in Xiangbei is over. Sakuragi recuperates in a sanatorium on the north coast of HunanIn slam dunk master, how strong is the protagonist Sakuragi flower path's ability to resist injury
(4) After Sakuragi dunked, it didn't matter that he fell hard for many times. What best reflects Sakuragi Huadao's good physical quality is that he was knocked down by his opponent from mid air with a foul several times. Hercules like Mu Shenyi and yuzhuchun fell down on Sakuragi once respectivelySakuragi in slam dunk master has neither high appearance nor super strength. How does the author portray his protagonist light
The competition with Miura is more about the bold character of Sakuragi flower path and the people who are not afraid of strong players “ Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes ” The spirit of. So it doesn't matter if the ball skill is low. Finally, sakuraki severely used the attribute of a layman to give Murakami a counterattack. In the animation version, he gave NATO a head slam dunkWhy can sakuraki become a basketball master in a short time in slam dunk master? Who helped him grow
Others are only a little optimistic about Sakuragi when she has improved, but her trust is unwavering. And the earliest dunks and layups were taught by Akiko himself. These later stages are also Sakuragi's main scoring means. Without the encouragement and support of AkikoIs Sakuragi's talent in slam dunk really that good
From the perspective of basketball, Sakuragi is consistent with the genius in his mouth, and there is no exaggeration. Sakuragi is what I think of asSakuragi dunk  dunk in front of Akiko Akagi a genius, both in terms of physical fitness and fighting spirit. Good physical quality is the basic condition of basketball competition, and talent is a congenital advantageWhat is the strength of SakuragiSakuragi dunk  dunk in front of Akiko Akagi flower path in slam dunk master
What is the strength of Cherry Blossom path in slam dunk master? Although he still has some shortcomings, his infinite potential will make him a wSakuragi dunk  dunk in front of Akiko Akagiorld-class player one day. His strength is mainly reflected in the following points: physical strength is good. Sakuraki's physical talent can be called a bug. He has endless physical strengthIn slam dunk master, coach Anxi said what is sakuraki's real talent
The head coaches of the two teams are also the strongest in slam dunk master. Regardless of the brilliance of their tactical game, it can be seen from their views on Sakuragi that both of them are the eyes of top coaches. In slam dunk master, Sakuragi flower path is the first power forward of Xiangbei team, although the time of contact with basketball is very short
Sakuragi dunk dunk in front of Akiko Akagi

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