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Hushen dunk why

2022-07-01 18:01Basketball Flying Man cartoon
Summary: Why is Shinichi Makoto of Kanagawa in slam dunk master so famous in Aichi county? WhyThe reason why Makoto Ichi of Kanagawa in slam dunk master is so famous in Aichi County: as the first person in Kan
Why is Shinichi Makoto of Kanagawa in slam dunk master so famous in Aichi county? Why
The reason why Makoto Ichi of Kanagawa in slam dunk master is so famous in Aichi County: as the first person in Kanagawa County, Makoto Ichi is the symbolic role of Kanagawa County; Affiliated to the football team, Hainan University high school is also a regular guest of the national competition, and has been promoted to the first place in the county for 17 yearsIn slam dunk master, if Mu Shenyi has the ability of long-range shooting, can he surpass Ze Bei Rongzhi_ Baidu
Personally, I don't think soHushen dunk  why. Zebei is characterized by super first-class speed, skill, persistence, explosive power and bounce. In addition, it has an unparalleled sense of the ball. In fact, there are three dunk masters with different perceptions, one of which is Zebei. Play since childhoodIn the national chapter of slam dunk master, compared with the other four top point guards, what are the advantages of Mu Shenyi
The key point for mu Shen to be stronger than Shen Jin is that it has a core position in the team. Finally, when Mu Shen and Miyagi Yoshida are paired, they have considerable advantages in terms of body, basketball talent, defensive abilityHushen dunk  why and so on. In slam dunk master, Ken Fuji and Mu Shenyi have the same basketball style and playing methodHow strong is mu Shenyi of Hainan team in slam dunk master? Where is strong
Second: strong physical condition, 184cm tall, its strength is shameful. Whether it is height or jumping height, Mu Shenyi is the top presence in the point guard. Abnormal physical quality allows emperor Mu to defend any player in any position. In this regard, the whole dunk master is incomparableWho is the strongest point guard in the country? MHushen dunk  whyu Shen and Shen Jin Yicheng in slam dunk master
"Slam dunk master" Zhongmu Shenyi is the strongest point guard in the country. Shenjin was described by Miyagi as that no one could control the ball in front of him except a mu. If he didn't pay attention, he would be robbed, and Mu Shen was robbed by Shenjin once. But a careful observation will reveal that only this snatch has been described insideIn slam dunk master, fujishin and Musen are called double walls in Kanagawa Prefecture together. Can they be equal
Shinji Fuji and Shinji Fuji are known as the double walls of Kanagawa county among slam dunks. This is because Hainan affiliated high school and Xiangyang high school are two powerful teams in Kanagawa county. Hainan affiliated high school has won the championship of Kanagawa county competition for 17 consecutive years. Shinji Fuji and Shinji Fuji are also the core figures in these two teamsIn slam dunk master, if Mu Shenyi increases his long-range shooting ability, can he become the first player in the country_ Hundred
In slam dunk master, Mu Shenyi is a star player with great strength, and Hainan team is able to enter the national top four because of Mu Shenyi, but he still has a certain gap compared with the strength of the country's first player, Rongzhi Zebei. Even if the ability of long-range shooting is increasedIn slam dunk master, who is more powerful, Xiandao and Mu Shenyi? Why
In terms of strength, Mu Shenyi was slightly stronger than xiandaozhang, because the two were completely in a situation of mutual explosion. In the match between Lingnan and Hainan, Yu ZHUCHUN was sent off, and xiandaozhang still wanted to play 2+1 at the last moment. As soon as Mu Shen saw through his trick, he didn't do it, and then he agreed with xiandaozhangAmong the slam dunk masters, as Kanagawa King level Makoto, how does he play a different role compared with others
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I'm Mr. maple. In "slam dunk master", Mu Shinichi is the strongest person in Kanagawa basketball, which is recognized by all Kanagawa players. In addition to the technical advantages of the shepherdDo you think in dunk master, who is stronger, Mu Shenyi of Hainan team and tengzhen of Xiangyang team
Mu Shenyi of Hainan team and tengzhen of Xiangyang team, on theHushen dunk  why whole, Mu Shenyi should be stronger. Attack ability Hainan and Xiangyang comics have no fighting records, but it can be seen from the competition between the two teams and other teams that both of them are offensive point guards. However, their styles are different. Tengzhen plays softly
Hushen dunk why

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